Draft MinutesTanners Hill TRA

General Meeting at Zion Chapel

Thursday 27 February 2020 6.30-8.30pm


Deloraine House residents- Gillian Lewis, leaseholder (TRA Secretary, Block Rep), Joe

Heston House – Barry Still, Tenant (TRA Chair, Block Rep, Brockley Assembly Rep) Nuala, Laura, leaseholders and Block Reps

Florence Terrace – Colin Connell,Tenant (TRA Treasurer, Block Rep)

Tanners Hill – Naomi Groves, leaseholder, (TRA Vice Chair)

Councillors – Sophie McGeevor arriving at 8pm

Apologies – Frances Connell (Tenant, Florence Terrace); Cllr Stephen Penfold

Lewisham Homes Officers – Chris Hazel, James Dutch, Donna Ball temp Housing Officer, Lee Ferguson Area manager Environmental Team.

Welcome and introductions: Donna stated that a new Housing Officer will be starting in March. Leaseholders were reminded that the annual dues for Residents Assoc are £7 (tenants dues are collected as part of rent) but it was confirmed that L Homes won’t be collecting leaseholder dues as part of Service Charge, for the foreseeable future.

Minutes agreed 26th September 2019: this was the previous meeting as the TRA were unable to confirm a venue for the planned meeting of 26 Nov 2019.

This was an unusual meeting as the main agenda item was Decent Homes (works and Bills), attendees formed groups to compile the issues/challenges for each block/street, which were subsequently sent to LHomes.

Residents expressed “thanks for the hard work” of TRA

Matters arising – leaseholders received a response from L Homes in Oct, confirming their intention to go to 1st tier tribunal (FTT) funded by L Homes.

Nuala/Naomi – LHomes sent a spreadsheet, approx a month ago, some of issues going to tribunal but some still being looked at, some had answers “but not appropriate”. Catherine has scrutinised, says similar things as before. Bailey garner has put some answers.

Action – collate the feedback that everyone has received, block by block?

Minutes agreed. No corrections.

AGENDA ITEM 1 – Communal Area Repairs

TRA sent Martin Ryan ??? a list 29/1/20 (attached), for an inspection by Colin and Martin on 30/1/20. Chris Hazel also inspected and checked the list on a walk around with Jamie and a caretaker. It seemed that reports from residents or C/t’s weren’t being followed up but now if works aren’t completed timely manner – we go directly to Chris or James ( C/t’s Supervisor).

Action – hotline to Chris via Colin (if issues aren’t dealt with in a timely manner through normal routes)

L Homes carried out telephone surveys on 10% of all repairs. Post inspections also.

Residents stated repairs on the estate were shoddy

Chris: Update on repairs list from Jan meeting:

  • Safety strips – falling off resolved 30/1
  • Security lightingFlorence Terrace update: no 40 done, 22-40 still not working. New LED lights have been problematic – new ones are breaking down just as much as the old ones
  • Broken wall – (Tanners Hill?) new bricks (a good match) being installed. Genvent making new metal parts brackets, waiting for bricks to dry. Bricks had been left in hippo bags and black sacks were there for months but now taken away.
  • Cage for T Hill bulk waste in Pearsons Ave. Gate is broken so anyone can access. Also people don’t know it’s there, or how to access it. We need a new lock/ key pad lock, and clarity on where the bulk waste should be drop off. Information on collection days going online soon. Currently it’s down to the caretaking team to ensure that lumber waste is going to the right lumber points. ACTION – put a lock on the door for now. Need long term solution. Lee to get back to us on long term solution

Residents could Tenancy provide pack for residents eg gen estate info, pick up points, map?

Colin – tubs of paraffin fly tipped last week were moved into bulk waste area but gate not locked it’s still there. Fire risk. ACTION Chris – environmental will get it checked and removed

  • Asbestos in the roof /holes in the roof of Tanners hill. Soffit board has got asbestos, part did break, but this is now repaired. Stickers have gone up on Florence and Mahoney. Chris inspected same day and made dangerous bits safe. There is an asbestos portal that the Council can access to find marked sites, we try not to move it, as moving is when it is dangerous. ACTION Chris to sticker

?Was meant to be replaced by Major Works. Might have to do the black. We have been billed for it. Decent homes. LH – keep it safe.

On the façade – its gone over with a. @Hazel – Action – ?

  • Florence terrace – shoot panels onto streets – this is the cheapest way of doing it ACTION Chris – will look at new doors
  • Flood – Deloraine House has been dealt with. Many reports inc TRA – it took months! Chris – took time to get on top of, but it is now repaired. Contacted Thames Water, but on LH land, so LH responsibility. Investigation re impact of flood to foundations of Deloraine, it could take 12 months to dry out completely. We can’t clear water out of sodden ground. No pooled water. Could sub pump if needed. If ordinary rain is making it pool, then drainage system isn’t working ACTION – Chris to come around to check ACTION Gillian to resend email to Chris re foundations

Ongoing Repairs:

Communal water stack – (Where?) blockage between flats, so waste water came up and flooded flat and one below. Fire brigade “shut down” water and advised not to use. Repairs stated they’d come out within 7 hours but didn’t for 4 days ie Monday

Chris – apologies, it’s not acceptable and is under investigation into process.

ACTION Chris will update on investigation and send Insurance claim pack with documentation, give to lewisham council and investigate.

Another resident reported a leaky?? pipe on outside wall has damaged the wall. They feel there’s a breakdown of trust between estate and LH.

Chris – I promise to take on problems and deal with personally. There’s a restructure with LHomes, staff is changing, management has to reapply for their jobs, there’ll be some redundancies. Colin – in the past we’ve had access to top people, this got less and less.

Chris – If you need us, we will come. Got to go through the official channels, make sure you get a job number of any repairs, write a diary of anything happening, but if not getting anywhere, call 07540771944 – leave a message. Chris – we can arrange a slot per month for an estate walkabout, 4 hour slot, whoever wants to attend – email availability to Colin. Afternoon better. Gillian – I’m a leaseholder with a tenant (long term), I contacted LHomes months ago to find out about installing grab handles at entrance to block, I was on the phone for an hour – half an hour to Repairs, then redirected to leasholders who told me that LHomes have to do adaptations. I contacted OT who wrote to LHomes to inform that tenant was coming out of hospital but nothing was done and no one seemed to know who was responsible, so I bought grab handles and paid to have them installed.

Chris – I do know about this and am going to inspect estate

Robert – can we have it done for all the issues

Chris – when we do walk around we’ll take photos and make a proposal to seniors.

Barry – irony! LHomes won’t let us use second floor room for committee meetings as there’s no disabled access, but mothers with small children are being housed on the top floor, and a resident has been housebound for months because he found it really difficult to get up the stairs.

Alarm System – Ted Trott – electric issue sorted, Alarm system on block of flats is meant to come down today. Omega Alarms.

ACTION Chris – find out about alarms

Communal Boiler – couldn’t access as no one had key. Caretakers said didn’t have key.

ACTION Chris – to follow up with Lee

  • Stack pipe – repairs log – that’s been a problem for 10-15-30 years, getting more frequent. Stack pipes not properly cleared. Nuala – jet washers cleared flat above neighbours on the third floor – pushed down to Lolas flat and flooded. Same thing happened to Nuala. Do operatives check with people below? Are some of the issues due to lack of communication, ie each flat is dealt with on a one by one basis? Need to examine repair log.

Chris: this does happen, we review if there’s been multiple issues. Have the stack pipe and rain water pipes been properly cleaned? Small part is dealt with, but bigger picture should be reviewed and have been picked up by Major Works. Chris – cyclicle maintenance is not done.

ACTION Chris – look at Heston and Deloraine Repairs reports, will look into the process ie checking with flat below, will look into Dinorod

AGENDA ITEM 2: Estates Sweeping – Colin – regime change with change of personnel impacted on quality of work. 3 times a week service, now twice a week, LH took in house. Now no sweeper as they are – on the mobile time. Current sweeper – areas not being touched, we are paying for this, but not delivering. Road sweeping – Lewisham Council – cut service, no litter bins. Estate is looking shabby, dog poo. Turnover of staff. Colin spoke to Jamie, nothing happened.

ACTION Lee – to look into on the estates, can be rectified quickly, will raise with Jamie

Street sweeping – needs to be council.

Martin Ryan is Lee’s boss, under lee are 5 team managers, including Jamie. Jamie has 10+ staff. Monthly staff meetings to go on estate as a bare min, Lee wants to review external teams. We’ll be looking at how to improve service.

Barry – Deloraine garden needs clearing, rubbish gets blown out of bins when they are left open or very full. Recycling bins don’t get emptied enough. Lee – we are reliant on refuse service, but will be proactive to report.

Lee – we’ll be looking at all caretaking practices and processes, to improve. Colin – could you make recommendations about road services? Lee – happy to do this, but needs to get more detail from Colin and others to go with a specific request.

ACTION Gillian – to send Lee’s email address

ACTION Lee – speak to Colin and send recommendations to Council re street sweeping

AGENDA ITEM 3: Ward Boundary changes – for numerical purposes. We are currently in Brockley but commission want to split the estate. TRA sent objection and Council has voted against the split. People can vote against it till next week, important to do this. Cllr Sophie encourages.

ACTION Barry – post consultation on the TRA website

AGENDA ITEM 4: Update on current/future projects

Community Levy – Brockley assembly newsletters not being delivered to estate. Section 106 is changing – there was a meeting is about this but we didn’t get the info/agenda. Not delivering for 5 years. ACTION Barry – post info on the TRA website so people can attend the meeting. Section 106 is now the Community Levy – paid by developers – priorities for funding have been established – 6 different priorities – big and vague. Next stage will be deciding which projects get funding. Could be available for TRA funding. We have applied for funding for ‘Pitman Park’ (paved area next to Pitman House) for outdoor leisure improvements and also Florence Rd grass area which is part of the estate. Please do the Survey on the website, it’s helpful for funding.

Drying Room – 2nd floor Deloraine, LHomes have approved for use as storage – can’t use for meetings as no disabled access.

Car Free Day – Paul Bell – Summer Tanners Hill festival that Jamie organised and was funded by Brockley Assembly has been cut and funding redistributed. Could we do a car free day 23 September? Is Tanners Hill an emergency exit road? Apply by 1st July.

AOB – Since the transfer of the Housing Office there are two side streets not used at night with no cameras – alley? Come down Florence hill / hill street better. Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Meeting closed 8.30pm