7pm – 8.30pm, Tuesday 12 March 2019


Committee Members

Barry Still (BS) – Chair/Block Rep Heston House (tenant)

Gillian Lewis (GL) – Secretary/Block Rep Deloraine House (Leaseholder -LH)

Naomi Groves (NG)– Vice Chair/Resident Engagement Panel Rep (LH)

Vickie Yeardley (VY) – Florence Terrace Block Rep (LH)

Ted Trott (TT) – Block Rep Omega St odds and evens (tenant)

Nuala Walsh (NW) – Block Rep Heston House (LH)

Lewisham Homes

Elaine Wright – Housing Officer

Grace Reid – Estate Supervisor

Tenants and Residents

Deloraine House: Jake, Louis Stevens, Rachel Haynes

Heston House:

Pitman House: Annette Cordwell

Tanners Hill:

Florence Terrace: Georga

Mahoney House – Barbara Hope

Partners & Others

Cllrs: Stephen Penfold


Florence Terrace – Colin Connell (CC)– Treasurer/ Block Rep Florence Terrace (tenant)

Deloraine House – Mark, Ian, Katherine, Gordon, Robert Ridyard, Tom Deffee

Tanners Hill – Shannon Clark

Lewisham Tenants Fund – Joy, Gloria

Cllr Jimi Adefirenye, Cllr Paul Bell

Agenda Item

1. Welcome, intro – ductions, apologies

BS opened the meeting, introduced the panel and announced apologies.

2. Agreed minutes

Minutes of previous meeting 27 November 2018 agreed

3. Matters arising

GL: organise

Green services

Estate inspection

EW: to contact

Sean Crossman

GL to contact Contractor

Reminder for Leaseholders (LH’s) to pay their share towards the cost of TRA £7.00 per annum from 1/4/19. Informed new attendees that we are trying to have inc in Service charge (tenants dues collected in rent). The budget from Lewisham Tenants Fund (LTF) has reduced due to more people buying their flats ie more LH’s

Meeting dates 20i9 – 12/3, 21/5, 9/7 (AGM), 24/9. trying to confirm Nov date

Venue – Cllr Penfold has written to CEO L Homes re use of Deloraine 2nd floor drying room, which would be large enough for committee to meet and store paperwork, laptop, plans and print. Providing opportunity to leave work laid out, instead of having to put it all away and store in our own small flats.

Bike Racks Barry: contacted resident Tom Deffee who organised the Bike rack agreement and installation and he provided copies of the original emails between him and LB Lewisham. Also finally had a response from H2/Asguard (private Co who manage the rental/running of the bike racks), and Josh Learner of LBLewisham who is dealing with funding for bile racks. Hoping to resolve confusion re funding of racks, and cost to residents now that I’ve managed to make contact with the relevant personnel. General agreement that we were never told that funding was time limited.

Not known if racks are full (there have been inquiries to TRA from residents), also although leaves collect inside, that doesn’t mean racks aren’t used – Barry found a fox sleeping in the leaves in a bike rack!

Signage – Florence terr Lumber cupboards now have signs with open times

Rising Mains – Gillian: awaiting response from Simon Yorke re no-interest loans, getting a copy of the actual Bill to L Homes and further inquiry re the cost of Deloraine work, which is almost the same as Heston where double the no of lights (including expensive sensor lights) were installed and garden work done. Nuala has sent the breakdown of Heston costs for comparison. The containers are still on the garden of Deloraine as work isn’t finished.

Green Services – have upgraded rose bed in Omega, agreed work plan with Colin Connell re seeding of grass at end Florence Terr, although they sprayed which he had asked them not to. Need walkabout for after Easter

Parking – yellow box outside Heston garden gate was scheduled to be painted in Jan, but still unpainted

Funding – outdoor leisure improvements for estate. not many responses to the survey of what residents wanted, but following some door knocking, there has been a sharp increase. General agreement re asking for a contribution from the Contractor who is using the estate (Heald St opp the Hostel), to store containers/equipment for a job they are doing in the area.

4. Treasurers Report

Current balance of TRA Account is £1993.36 which includes £352.52 of unrestricted funds, L/H annual contribution to TRA is now £7

5. Caretaking

ACTION: Grace to contact Coby & get back to us

ACTION: TRA set date for DH meeting (21/5?)

Grace (Estate Supervisor) – issue with padlocks installed on Bin cupboards in Flor Terr, Heston and Deloraine, padlocks were going missing so were welded to doors. Following an inspection with TRA, I agree poor standard of work, Genvent were supposed to come on Monday and rectify but didn’t.

Residents reported problems with:

  • drains outside Omega/caretakers office

  • drains Heston – Barry showed Martin Ryan (Head of Repairs) he had had to get drains unblocked and after 2 years of reporting 2 drain covers missing, they came and only replaced 1

  • Cleaning of windows – may need to contact L Homes Repairs to get window opened (Deloraine windows mostly have broken handles)

  • street sweeping – Colin had shown Grace Omega Odds Square which wasn’t cleaned properly

  • Lumber Gates in Pearsons Ave – the lock isn’t working

  • Gate posts/pillars – Grace had seen “bad repair” on a recent inspection with Martin Ryan (LHomes Head of Repairs)

  • concerns expressed re maintenance policy of L Homes as Mark Agnew,(Ex Dir of Housing who is no longer with L Homes) had stated on a DH inspection (2015), that there wasn’t one “we wait til things go wrong, then repair”

Failing Decent Homes (DH) works – residents also expressed continuing concern regarding

  • Deloraine leak/flood – scaffolding had recently been erected to repair a leak/flood in the roof space which was discovered when lights were being installed as part of the Rising Mains work. That repair is a Decent Homes matter ie not to be charged as a repair also how much damage had it caused the fabric of the building?

  • Failing Widowpan – on corridors and stairs isn’t safe

  • Front doors, paid for with public money, aren’t compliant with fire rules

Cllr Paul Bell (who is also on the Board of Lhomes) had been invited to this meeting as TRA had hoped to have a DH update, Cllr Bell is the only Cllr who was involved throughout DH works and is still a Cllr (although not for our Ward). He had a prior commitment but has asked for a future date.

Grace suggested that Repairs Supervisor should join next Estate Inspection (with Caretaking).

Residents suggested a meeting just for Decent Homes issues, inviting Cllr Bell and Margaret Dodwell Ceo LHomes. Pre sent questions to be given to John Canerak who was Dir of Housing and is now Dir of People, and James Shaw, Dir Major Works.

Elaine confirmed that the Court case between LHomes and MITIE was now concluded. Residents suggested that LH’s might want to jointly pay for representation ie Solicitor, regarding the Bill and the work. Elaine also confrmed that works done to doors is not charged to LH’s

Meeting closed 8.30pm