TANNERS HILL TRA – General Meeting Draft Minutes

7pm – 8.30pm, Tuesday 27 Nov 2018


Committee Members

Barry Still (BS) – Chair/Block Rep Heston House (tenant)

Gillian Lewis (GL) – Secretary/Block Rep Deloraine House (Leaseholder -LH)

Naomi Groves (NG)– Vice Chair/Resident Engagement Panel Rep (LH)

Vickie Yeardley (VY) – Florence Terrace Block Rep (LH)

Ted Trott (TT) – Block Rep Omega St odds and evens (tenant)

Shannon Clarke (SC) – Block Rep Tanners Hill and Heald St (LH)

Nuala Walsh (NW) – Block Rep Heston House (LH)

Lewisham Homes

Elaine Wright – Housing Officer

Alan Martin, Area Manager Environmental Services

Tenants and Residents

Deloraine House: Rachel Haynes, Beverley Knight, Robert Ridyard, Gordon Walker

Heston House: Paula

Pitman House: Matthew McFetridge, Annette Cordwell

Tanners Hill:

Florence Terrace: Sue Slade

Partners & Others

Cllrs: Stephen Penfold


Florence Terrace – Colin Connell (CC)– Treasurer/ Block Rep Florence Terrace (tenant)

Deloraine House – Mark, Ian, Katherine, Sonia

Lewisham Tenants Fund – Joy, Gloria

Cllr Jimi Adefirenye

Agenda Item

1. welcome, intro – ductions, apologies

BS opened the meeting, introduced the panel and announced apologies.

2. Agreed minutes

Minutes of previous meeting 26 March 2018 agreed

3. Matters arising

Reminder for Leaseholders (LH) to pay their share towards the cost of TRA

£6.76 per annum from 1/4/18. Discussion re collecting LH dues inc having a

cash box at each meeting, renew effort to have inc in Service charge (tenants

dues collected in rent). Some felt that it trivialised the issue to charge for tea

and biscuits! All agreed a system needs to be in place and a register of who

has paid/not paid would be a good idea. The overall budget from Lewisham

Tenants Fund has reduced due to more people buying their flats ie more LH’s

Security Gates – confirmation that gates have been removed

Venue: re continuing problems Addey & Stanhope school, 26/3 meeting voted

to trial the Baptist Church, New Cross Rd, see mins below

5. Round up 2018

a) Venue



Addey and Stanhope school (Head Jan Shapiro), is now demanding £190 per meeting from TRA to use the Drama Studio. We have pointed out that the School has been paid in advance for our use of the Drama Studio, as the School took possession of the Pensioners Forum in Pearson’s Ave, and the land it was on, previously part of the Tanners Hill Estate. The TRA was assured by Councillors and the School, that the school would provide a space. Now, in spite of representations on our behalf by Cllr Jimi and Vicky Foxcroft MP, the Head will only allow meetings when the school is open (unworkable). The TRA have for some time scheduled meetings when the Governors meetings take place, but those meetings usually finish before ours.

The Baptist Church, has offered the back room for a very reasonable fee (20 per hour). We are not sure whether people will attend as it is off the estate Nuala: suggested that as so much time and effort has been spent dealing with A&S, and Baptist venue is excellent – welcoming, warm and access to facilities – let’s stay! Meeting voted to to continue using church.

GL Dates for 2019 will be confirmed in the New Year Cllr Penfold to see if we can get a committee meeting room

b) Newsletter


delivered with the leaflet for the TRA meeting, was delayed while the committee tried to secure a meeting place.

c) Tanners Hill


InspectionNaomi attended (Oct) with L Homes Head of Environmental Services, Martin Ryan, finally discovering the lumber collection point for T Hill is the cage in Pearsons Ave. The doors need repairing, and are unlocked. There needs to be a system whereby residents can have a key/access the cage when needed. After the inspection the Front porch lights were fitted with new mega light bulbs! The middle staircase grill (removed as part of Decent Homes in 2014) was finally replaced in Oct, which will prevent the throwing of stuff over the landing into a back garden. SNT have provided a no for reporting homeless people sleeping in stairwells

Vickie: Florence Terr lumber cupboards need signage with opening/closing times as rubbish is being dumped outside

d) Deloraine House


renewal of rising mains and communal lighting: GL and a resident met with Simon Yorke of L Homes Jan ’18 and it was agreed that there would be no increase in the no of lights (as in Heston where the lights are now so bright and numerous that some residents in Deloraine have to use black out curtains in front bedrooms). Also there would be no change of or increase in lights in back garden. One light would be moved so that the 2 flats at the bottom of the block facing Albyn Rd, would be better lit.

Work started in Oct, we had another meeting with Simon Yorke who explained that although he wasn’t using a Consultant ie the project was in-house, or increasing lights, the cost per Leaseholder would be approx £1570 (marginally less than for Heston). He asserted that Heston House was priced over 3 yrs ago and that there were more flats to divide the cost amongst, but anyway the cost of the rising mains was comparable to Heston. GL – to find out if there’s a no interest loan available from LB Lewisham NW – questioned the costs and will provide breakdown of Heston costs to compare Robert suggested we ask to see the actual Bill to LHomes

e) Bike Racks


users have been sent Bills for next year of £60, by the private Company who installed them. There seems to be some confusion as residents were under the impression that LB Lewisham were assisting with funding for the first 3 years and that the cost would be £24 annually as it had been for the first year. BS has written to HS2/Asguard to clarify the position, no response as yet. He has also spoken to the LB Lewisham Officer responsible (Monica has left), who is looking into it.

Vickie: is there a copy of the agreement that Tom Deffee negotiated?

BS to follow up

f) Green Services


GL spoke to Martin Ryan re the several promised improvements that had been agreed between TRA committee and Green Services on at least 2 inspections in 2016/2017, as a result a new bed was planted today at the back of Pitman adjacent to Heston St, that wasn’t a previously agreed improvement, but an extra. GL spoke to Luke Shacklock (Supervisor, Gardening team) and he will visit Omega Odds tomorrow to check the Sycamore saplings, will add topsoil and more plants to the Rose beds in Omega Odds in Spring 2019, and we have agreed a wild grass and robust flower planting for the area between Pitman and Heston, also for Spring 2019

Last year there was a tree survey but agreed that we need an inspection in the Spring with Vince Buchanen (LBLew), Sue would like to be present. Robert reported a hanging vine, Ted: trees are growing out of wall in Omega

GL organise inspection with VB

g) ASB

TRA Notices were posted around the estate, on the website and in the Newsletter, informing residents of how to report the various forms of ASB from flytipping to aggressive or threatening behaviour. There is also an app and a website called Streetlink to report homelessness. Vicky v good feedback from using streetlink

h) Parking

from Monday 3rd December Visitors Passes will be available, a book/strip of 12, for a cost of £3 per year. This will help Heston, Deloraine and Pitman residents who have visitors who may need to unload heavy items or children and buggies for example, and therefore need to be close to the block, or who cannot find a space in Tanners Hill – to park. This will be trialled for 3 months to make sure that it doesn’t impact on resident parking. Yellow lines and cross hatching will be painted outside the Heston garden gate in Jan ’19.

Residents commented that visitor passes “weren’t so useful when you live on a higher floor”, asked if restriction times could be relaxed. Naomi reported that at a recent Resident Engagement Panel (REP) residents were unanimously against 24 hour restrictions. EW confirmed that photo id and utility bills were needed to purchase a pass as there is so much sub letting in properties. Visitor passes will be trialled for 3 months then reviewed to see whether it was resulting in parking problems for residents. She stated that 80pc of responders wanted the estate parking restrictions.

Residents asked how many responders there were, and noted that the way the survey questions were framed influenced peoples answers eg most didn’t know that it would be 24 hour, or that there were no visitors passes.

6. Funding for recreational improvements

There are two main spaces, Florence Road and Pitman House:

Florence Road; green slope (adjacent Florence Rd) – could create access from two courtyards in Florence Terrace. As it’s T Hill estate space and we are paying for its upkeep, it might be a nice entrance for the estate. Fenced along road edge so that little ones can be left to roam a little. Some planting and two lockable doors in brick wall (from first two courtyards?) that can be locked by caretakers when bin stores are locked at the end of a working day, so less of a naughty cut through for thieves.

Pitman House: Paved area or green adjacent to T Hill, a mix of –

Other locations on estate – more Bikehangars, buy our own, no rental fee?

APPENDIX:  See Letter of Project Guidance and Support by Architect Corina.

meeting closed 8.30pm

APPENDIX: Letter of Project Guidance and Support by Architect Corina

Corina, a newly qualified architect who was involved in a similar project in Thamesmead, has written to Naomi (Vice Chair) and suggested the following:

  • a group of people work together to set a brief: what the project is, where is it going to happen, why. This will enable you to talk about the project to as many people as you can and gather support where you can find it! The brief will develop in detail over time.
  1. Reach out to organisations for support and hone details for a more complete project proposal: as a minimum, an estimated timeline, an outline of project partners (who is organising the project and what is their role) and estimated costs; photos, reference images and sketch drawings to show your intentions can also help, but are not a must. You will probably need some external advice with some of these things.
  2. As you are collecting this information, it is a good idea to bring onboard someone from the local housing organisation as soon as possible, who can give you general advice and support eg who owns the land and can you get their permission? Or planning permission if required. and possibly offer some financial assistance – large organisations sometimes have budgets for community projects.
  3. Funding – you will eventually need funds to pay for equipment, materials, specialists (e.g. designer, workshop leader), venue hire, fees for permissions… You may need funds early, if you want to do workshops or pay for drawings that will help clarify what the project is, or at a later stage, for more material things and specialist services: Start local (housing associations, neighbourhood forums, local councillors), then look further eg:

4. Future stages: develop designs from concept to details, plan activities

(workshops and celebrations), run activities and construction (if

applicable), review success and plan next activities…

In a nutshell, figure out what you want to do, commit to it and tell as many people as possible about it! That was my strategy, which eventually led to real projects. It can take some time to organise, but it is also be very rewarding!

I am happy to have a talk in person with you or your group, there has to be a limit to what I can do without payment, but I am happy to offer support with the project proposal, to help get things started.