Tanner’s Hill Estate TRA AGM 2016


  1. Ratification of 2015 minutes
  2. EoY reports from 2015/6 committee members
  3. New committee to be elected
  4. Any Other Business

Meeting chair: Stephen Robinson
Minutes: Shannon Clarke
Apologies: Alicia Kennedy, Vicky Foxcroft, John Coughlin Count: 20 inc. 1 child + 2 (???)

Round robin intros:  Shannon Clarke (SC) – Tanners Hill, Stephen Robinson (SR) ZD – Pitman House, Gillian Lewis (GL), Stephen Thompson – Deloraine House,  Barry Still (BS) and Nuala Walsh (NW) – Heston House, Colin Connell (CC), Sue Slade (SS), Vicky Yeardley – Florence Terr,  Stephen Thompson – Deloraine House, Angela – Leaseholder

1.  Ratification of Minutes from 2015 Tanner’s Hill TRA AGM (8/6/15)
GL: note we did have use of 82, but it’s now Vicky Foxcroft’s Office
SS: leaseholders not making contributions
SC: unless we do so voluntarily
GL: one thing highlighted with Heston House was some items have shown up on leaseholders’ service charges, but are actually Mitie work to do with Decent Homes NW: please register on myLewishamHomes

2.  Reports

Vice Chair (Co-opted) Report (Barry Still)
Near the end of 2015 the TRA web site stopped working. The Web Host that had been used by LH to set up the site had gone out of business, and I had to spend many hours on finding out who was responsible for the
tannershilltra.org domain name, finding a new web host, setting up a new account, and reinstalling a backup copy of wordpress and its associated database – which turned out to be a fairly complicated and technical task. Some of the information was lost, but I have been working since to replace what I can, and to add more content. However, I have had little time spare recently due to the high workload caused by the poor quality of the Decent Homes work.
Secretary’s Report (Shannon Clarke)
Twitter following now at 245 followers
Maintained a daily report to whole estate during Pitman evacuation
Alerted residents to a recent gas leak on Tanner’s Hill
Comms have been as widespread and timely as I can manage, but I welcome suggestions for how to improve (if elected again)
Would like to propose to move our website to blogspot (similar to Crossfields) if elected again.
Heston House Block Rep Report (Barry Still)
Nuala and I have shared the workload as Block Rep this year, and we have had all of our time taken up by the problems associated with the Decent Homes project. Many problems have not been dealt with that were reported over a year ago eg Poor quality and leaking gutters and downpipes, blocked drains and poor quality paintwork. Some of these issues have been reported and seen at inspections with LH/Contractors/Consultants many times because the  quality of work has been so poor, and work has been signed off when it clearly should not have been. We have continually had to monitor all work done, and put pressure on LH staff, as they have repeatedly shown that they cannot be trusted to hold the Contractors/Consultants to account for much of the work done, and any damage they have caused.
We have also been concerned at the high cost of the work done to replace the communal lighting in Heston House, which is now lit up like a football stadium at night, adding greatly to light pollution.
It has only been since the recent inspection and drop-in at 82, with Cllr Kennedy and David Pritchard of LH, that some of these issues are being resolved, although new problems have arisen since then. I was not able to attend this drop-in, as I was not available for a six week period recently. I would like to thank Nuala for helping share the workload as Block Rep this year, because even with her help, any involvement with LH and DH has been a depressing and demoralising process.
Deloraine Block Rep Report (Gillian Lewis)
At the last AGM I was joined by Stephen Thompson as joint block reps for Deloraine, this is our joint report.
Most of our time and energy has been absorbed by the DH work ie pre inspections as Block reps followed by Inspections with Contractors/Consultants and LH personnel, followed by emails, follow up emails, more meetings etc. Finally since the inspection and drop-in at 82, with Cllr Kennedy and David Pritchard of LH in April 16, some issues are being resolved, while new problems have arisen in the last month as a result of the heavy rain. I did another inspection and email informing LH that water was leaking through the 4th floor flat roofs above 2 out of the 3 stairwells and pooling right down to the 2nd floor landings, plus rainwater flowing, dripping or seeping from the gutters in 3 places – more emails etc

Heston Garden Report (Gillian Lewis)

Heston Nature Garden Group (HNGG) isn’t part of the TRA, it’s constituted as an Unincorporated Association, but it is on the estate and is for the use of all residents.

Activities were suspended during DH work, as was activity on the HNGG Community bank account. The garden remained open and from summer 15, we started the clean up: huge amounts of mastic, cable ties, scaff clips, poles, boards, rubbish of all kinds was collected up and removed by volunteers. Plants were replanted, and we were finally able to receive donations and plant them. On 24th May David Pritchard (LH) confirmed that it was almost certain that MITIE would return to repaint the Arch ceiling, so we can now prep and paint the cupboards, put the contents back in the cupboards and the exhibition boards back on the wall. The first event was held last Sat 11th June, it rained a lot, but 23 people attended – it was good a good start. More activities are planned, ie planting the raised allotment bed. David Pritchard has advised us to pursue 2 compensation claims for damaged railings, and damage to plants and shrubs, after MITIE have left the estate. Lewisham Homes have now taken over the Green Services for the Estate ie from LB Lewisham

Tanner’s Hill Block Report (Shannon Clarke)

Very little to report
Ongoing noise nuisances currently being dealt with. Residents keeping log to send to Lewisham Homes ASB team. 

Any comments for outgoing committee?
GL: this particular committee has been almost entirely working to resolve problems or address issues with Decent Homes works. 

3.  Election (FK) Chair: Shannon Clarke, Vice Chair: Colin Connell, Treasurer: Stephen Robinson, Secretary: Gillian Lewis
Area panel: Frances Connell & Vicky Yeardley,  Block reps: Deloraine House GL,  Heston House BS & NW,  Pitman House Stephen Robinson, Tanner’s Hill: SC, Florence Terrace: CC, Heald Street ID, Omega Street (odds): TT,  Omega Street (evens) vacant

4.  AOB: 

ZD: money for a kids’ thing or event?
BS: can speak to Lewisham Homes or lew council

VY: re: leaseholder funds comms. Can we get this SC: we can e-mail leaseholders

Angela: account details for leaseholder contribution. SR: Will send. 

meeting ended 8.30pm