Annual General Meeting Draft Minutes

7pm – 9pm, Monday 10th July 2017


Current Committee Members

Shannon Clarke (SC) – Chair

Colin Connell (CC) – Treasurer/Florence Terrace Rep

Barry Still (BS) – Vice Chair/Block Rep Heston House/Area Panel Rep

Gillian Lewis (GL) – Secretary/Block Rep Deloraine House

Nuala Walsh (NW) – Block Rep Heston House

Tedd Trott (TT) – Block Rep Omega St

FC/NG Area Panel Reps

Iris Davies (ID) – Block Rep Heald St

Belinda Rumbold (BR) – Pitman House

Lewisham Homes

Clare Hopkins – Head of Housing

Gavin Jones – Head of Communications and Community

Steve Kildean – Fire Safety Manager

Elaine Wright – Tenancy Officer

Lewisham Tenants Fund

Gloria Biggs (GB)

Tenants and Residents

Stephen Thompson, Robert Ridyard – Deloraine House

Alvaro, Rodolfo Guzman, Russell, John Barnes – Pitman House

Paula Romero, Lidiana Navarro, Jake – Heston House

Naomi, David Briggs – Tanners Hill

Partners & Others


Cllr Sophie McGeevor, Cllr Jimi Adefenriye, Iris Davies, Fred and Eileen

Agenda Item


1. welcome, intro – ductions, apologies

opened the meeting, welcomed the panel and announced apologies:

2. Pitman House Fire Safety

SC – various issues have been raised re Pitman eg ‘Stay Put’ policy, re-evaluation of sprinklers, central audible alarm, safety equipment, fire doors on stairwells?

Clare (CH)- since Grenfell we have been busy looking at tower blocks, 3 have same cladding which we’ve sent to Gov lab to be tested. Ie keep the website as a live feed adding more FAQ’s.

Steve visits blocks regularly and talks to residents. All communal areas have been risk assessed, even where the cladding is the same, our blocks are very different to the blocks where people have been relocated, so our residents can remain in their homes.

Steve Kildean – background: 30 years in LFB, 20 years frontline, 10 years fire safety eg visiting properties. 2 years at Lew Homes as Fire Safety Mgr, there are 2 other staff – an ex FB team Leader and ex FB Commander. We went from saving lives to prevention of fire – resident safety is paramount to us.

Purpose built flats are designed so each flat is a 1 hour compartment, Pitman has 4 per floor. The Fire Service ‘stay put’ policy has not altered, it’s safer staying in the flat. The building isn’t designed for mass evacuation like an office block, so no fire alarm to evacuate. The Fire Service deals with an evacuation if it’s v bad, when they arrive.

JB – how could a wheelchair user on 9th floor, be evacuated?

Steve – we can deploy extra smoke detection/fire-proof bedding etc CH – Elaine could look at rehousing

Steve – Re containment, with communal doors there is 2 door protection, there are no defects on stair doors. Some doors have no ‘strips’, they’re relatively new, so we will survey and change doors if necessary. Other blocks are open to the air so they are lower risk, even if at the end of a walkway with possibility of passing a flat where a fire is may be a problem but still lower risk.

Sprinklers may be introduced retrospectively to risk areas eg flats. We’ve asked for things to be removed in 7 days from cupboards, so communal areas should be sterile. There have never been multiple fatalities anywhere in the world where sprinklers are installed, cladding wouldn’t have been an issue if there had been sprinklers. All new builds have sprinklers.

There are 4 types of sprinkler, we are looking at 3, contractors are lined up.

Security gates – will be removed across borough. FB guidance states that doors shouldn’t need unlocking to exit and FB can get in and upstairs unimpeded – another good reason to stay put.

Communication – Residents requested Notice needs to be in other languages.

Gavin Jones (GJ) – others have raised that point. There is info on where to get it in other languages. We intend to use plain English, pictures and graphics and try to convey the message without language. It’s often not effective to offer translation services if they’re not used but we can find out which languages are spoken across estates and google translate on the website. These meetings are useful as things can be said 3 different ways

Dry Rising Main – FB can plug into box and pump up to any level. It’s tested regularly RB – is that online?

CH – it’s reported to our Board. There are lots of Fire risk Assessments, gas checks etc, we can provide copies

GJ – it could be on website RB – what the tests are for too

JB/Alv – people have been lighting fireworks on the stairs – when is ASB a fire risk?

CH – we know the issues in T Hill and are working with Police and ASB teams, we want to hear about ASB

JB – Hoarding? Papers up to ceiling!

CH – Hoarding is recognised as a mental health issue

Residents pointed out that the underground floor was wide open with rubbish stored there CH – they should be locked

Residents – rubbish on balconies was a danger and dishes were supposed to be removed, fire spreading to balconies had happened before in Pitman

Steve – agreed, but Lew Homes, TRA and residents need to work together SC – sometimes it’s residents v Lew Homes

Steve – we apologise for what has gone before, but re fire safety. We put our name on the line – Andrew Potter (Lew Homes CEO) is fully behind what I do, I have provided his report of the Pitman Fire Safety Visit of 17/6/17 – attached

Steve – back to prevention: test smoke alarms, if not working we’ll repair or FB will fit free of charge. Carbon Monoxide (silent killer) too. You can get combination alarms for both.

We don’t provide fire extinguishers as we’d have to provide training and testing, if you want one, be careful which you choose as there are different ones for different situations. Prevention – don’t leave cooking in kitchen and sht the door, don’t smoke in bed! Re fridges or other appliances there’s advice on the Fire Service website. Shut door and contain.

EW: re ASB and rubbish – tenants tell me that plastic bags are left outside a door but it would be helpful to knock on the door.

Repairs and Bike Racks – aren’t me, I’m strictly a Tenancy Officer.

Late Invites – I’ll do what I can within my remit

ASB – residents need to take more responsibility when they can, if you can’t ID them, we can’t do anything. Phone the Police (101) if not urgent, they have more powers. Youths letting off fireworks MUST be reported to 101, the more reports the more can be done

Alvaro – re noise, police said call council, they said call police. No response from Late Night No. We filled a diary for 6 weeks and sent to Lew Homes but they said “we didn’t receive” We didn’t know Felicity had left – communication works both ways

EW: was it sent to LBL? I can’t say why Felicity left – I’m the 3rd Housing Officer, I have 1,300 properties (not people) to deal with. For issues or complaint, it’s best to go to the appropriate dept.

BS – the 48 hour response time, came up at the Area Panel

RG – Lew Homes are overloading you

To report smoke alarm phone 0800 028 2 028 and choose option for repairs

3. AGM 2016 – agreed minutes Matters arising

Overseen by Gloria Biggs of Lewisham Tenants Fund Amendments: Vice Chair – Barry Still, Pitman Block Rep vacant, Area Panel Reps – Colin Connell & Stephen Robinson

4. Officers Reports


Chair’s Report
Treasurer’s Report

Secretary’s Report  See Appendix 1 (all reports)

5. Election of new officers

BS summarised the roles and responsibilities of the offices of the committee (on TRA website) prior to the committee standing down and the election of officers.

Chair: Barry Still

Vice Chair: Naomi Groves

Treasurer: Colin Connell

Secretary: Gillian Lewis

Area Panel Reps: Naomi Groves/Nuala Walsh

Block Reps: Gillian Lewis – Deloraine House

Iris Davies – Heald St

Barry Still/Nuala Walsh – Heston House

Colin Connell – Florence Terrace

Rod Guzman – Pitman House

Shannon Carke – Tanners Hill

Ted Trott – Omega St

Meeting closed 8.30pm

Appendix 1

Tanners Hill TRA

AGM REPORTS – 10th July 2017

Chairs Report

Newsletter – Following the last AGM and before the first General meeting of Oct ’16, the TRA produced a Newsletter, designed and written by our then Treasurer, Stephen Robinson. Sadly Stephen passed away at the start of this year, but we are intending to continue the good work that he started and produce a Newsletter at least twice yearly.

Stephen – As a result of losing Stephen, Colin kindly took over the role of Treasurer in January. We held a minutes silence at our meeting of 6/2/17, in honour of Stephen, and a written tribute to him as part of our community and the work he did to try to make our estate a better place to live, is on the TRA website.

Estate facilities – one of the items in the Newsletter was about some Grant money that could be spent on improving or installing facilities on the estate and residents were invited to send their ideas by email or attend the December 16 meeting – Bike racks were proposed and (even better) the funds to purchase and install were provided by LB Lewisham. Residents had to fill in a survey to show that there was a need on the estate. Other ideas such as outdoor Gym equipment are being researched.

Parking Schemes – following the survey by LB Lewisham, a consultation of residents was carried out in January and February 17 for the Car Parking Zone for estate streets. now looks as though implementation will be Autumn 17.

Following a consultation the estate parking scheme is scheduled for 2018.

Green Services – following 2 estate inspections in May and October of 2016, the work Lewisham Homes agreed to do: sewing wildflower seeds on the grass at the end of Florence Terrace, pruning the sycamores in Omega evens, pruning and planting the rose beds in Omega odds, planting the lavender bed opposite Pitman is yet to be done.

Caretaking – in October 16, 2 new C/t’s started to work on the estate and residents felt they were a team, doing a good job. Unfortunately Tony had to leave due to ill health and his replacement has also needed frequent time off, leaving Mohammed to work alone. The TRA has made it clear to Lewisham Homes that we are concerned that Mohammed will find it too much – he needs to be supported. This situation is unresolved.

Decent Homes – David Pritchard the Asst Contract Mgr for Lew Homes, emailed 4/11/17 that the ‘defects project’ was to be closed as works were complete. Leaseholders haven’t received Bills for the works at this point.

Secretary's Report

Meetings - Since the previous AGM the TRA has organised 6 meetings: 17/10/16, 5/12/16, 6/2/17. 26/3/17, 22/5/17 and AGM on 10/7/17.  

Estate inspections - we have also arranged for estate walkabouts with Lewisham Homes Officers to inspect: Green Services, Caretaking/refuse/bulk waste collections, ASB, fly tipping and traffic pollution caused by the increased traffic queuing up Tanners Hill to get on to the A2

Treasurer's Report:

I agreed to stand as Treasurer from January 2017,  as you know, due to the sudden death of Stephen (Robinson). As myself and the committee had no access to the existing account books, I, as a bank signatory immediately cancelled all cheque books and instructed the bank to freeze the account.

We arranged for a new signatory to be attached to the account, the bank issued new cheque books and the account was unfrozen.

When Stephen's flat was cleared, no TRA accounts or the petty cash tin were passed on to the TRA Committee or Lewisham Homes staff.

I applied for last years grant from Lewisham Tenants Fund (LTF) and we received £900.

The Bookkeeper did her best to compile accounts based from the limited information to hand:

Cash Balance in Bank on 31/3/17:	£7,567.30
of which:					£6,041.00 – Localities Fund
						£   333.00 -  Unrestricted Funds
						£1,193.30 -  TRA account

I would like to thank LTF and Lewisham Homes, in particular Gloria and Elaine, for all their support last year – during the sad time of Stephen's death. 

Appendix 2

TRA Pitman House Fire Safety Visit 17Jun17 a.pdf
TRA Pitman House Fire Safety Visit 17Jun17 b.pdf