TANNERS HILL TRA – General Meeting Draft Minutes

7pm – 8.30pm, Mon 27 November 2017


Committee Members

Barry Still (BS) – Chair/Block Rep Heston House

Gillian Lewis (GL) – Secretary/Block Rep Deloraine House

Naomi Groves (NG)– Vice Chair/Resident Engagement Panel Rep

Colin Connell (CC)– Treasurer/ Block Rep Florence Terrace

Shannon Clarke(SC) – Block Rep Tanners Hill

Nuala Walsh (NW) – Joint Block Rep Heston House

Lewisham Homes

Elaine Wright –

Frank Olaniran – ASB Team

Tenants and Residents

Deloraine House: Robert Ridyard,

Heston House: Jake, Catherine, Mark Harris

Pitman House: Marcus

Tanners Hill: Shannon Clarke, David Briggs

Florence Terrace: Frances Connell

Partners & Others

Sergeant Jackie and Lee from SNT, Dupe

Cllrs: John Coughlin, Sophie McGeevor


Rod (Pitman Block Rep), Eileen and Fred, Iris, Ted Trott, Joe (Deloraine), Ken Webb, Addey Teacher

Cllr Jimi Adeifirenye

Colin and Cllr Sophie had to leave at 7.30pm to attend another meeting

Agenda Item

1. welcome, introductions, apologies

opened the meeting, welcomed the panel and announced apologies. This meeting had not been scheduled by A&S (in error) bt the C/T had agreed to stay so that the meeting could be held

2. Agreed minutes of 27 Sept 2017

3. Matters arising


GL: spoke to Gavin Jones (LH Communications Officer) re reinstatement of Notice Boards removed during DH works, and extra boards inc big board on Pitman Green – there’s a reorganisation and a new team in his dept and he’ll get back to us Spring 2018

4. ASB



Frank: will liaise with Gavin Jones re information for residents re new initiative,on ways of reporting ASB and gathering/providing evidence

Fri-Sun service used to be provided by ASB but ASB stopped patrols while Consultation via Resident Scrutiny Panel was happening. Now – Fri & Sat 10pm-3am there’s an 0800 no that goes through to a Professional Witness service who will observe and feedback to ASB to action.

ASB team til 9pm Thurs 0800 028 2 028 option 5 and we can book an out of hours apt with you. We can enforce Tenancy agreements and take Court action. Details are on LH Web Site

GL email SNT for leaflets, posters, Notices

Catherine reported a reduction of loitering in stairwells in Heston, boys, cars, music etc – weather related?!

SNT: A Warrant was executed on the estate 10 days ago. Refrain from taking photo’s, better not to be challenged, if you feel threatened call 999, or call us and we’ll come round. The more reports we get, the more effective we can be, it doesn’t have to be criminal, it’s ASB. Each call/case to us is logged and given a case no. but if no-one calls we won’t be able to help. Some residents are reporting to other residents and we’re getting the info 3rd hand

Shannon: that tends to be elderly residents.

Shannon: wreckless driving off road and flytipping, (attracts more ASB).

David: “Fix up my St” can report on Council website or via App, within 4hours it’s gone.

Frank: reports go through Housing Mgmt team, if you want to speak to an Officer contact ASB.

Removal of gates, some residents felt they were a visual deterrent. Catherine: they didn’t used to enter our landing but now Sec Gate has gone, there was no consultation

Discussion: is this a knee jerk reaction? Gates no barrier to leaving the building, also Mark reported he hadn’t been burgled since they were installed. One resident felt it was better without gates, as “burglers could use coat hangers to open them” and he’d been locked out of his own landing by boys.

Ground floor flats have railings not brick walls so better visibility.

Elaine: H&S (Steve Kildean) made the decision, followed recommendation of LFB, I only found out about this, when you did.

Mark At what point did the policy change since the gates were installed with Deptford City Challenge funds, Heston stairs are external, the block is not clad (unlike Grenfell)? RR: FB approved design 20 years ago

Cllr John: Security Gates – my inbox shows there are 2 sides to the story,

John will contact Steve Kildean to find out who to contact at LFB re gates. Housing is CllrEgan (Lab), it’s worth contacting him.

Discussion re door stepping to find out what residents feel

Mark: there’s favourite spots for loitering eg back Heston last stairwell, although they were friendly and polite, some residents are intimidated

Jake: does saying hallo legitimise their behaviour? They leave takeaways and drug wrappers outside door deliberately

SNT: it doesn’t legitimise them being there, each situation is different, assess the situation, if you say “Hallo” it means they know you know they’re there, it’s good to have a normal everyday conversation, we forget to talk to each other but it’s personal, it’s down to the individual

SNT: if it antagonises them, you tried and it didn’t work, so bring to our attention. The more unappealing a block looks the more likely to be targeted. We’ve had the experience of going to a block where people have tailgated through the main security door and we can’t get in to deal with it.

We have to be realistic about what we can achieve, we’re one officer short.

Cllr John: increased visibility means that ASB reduces but the London Police Service is suffering cuts, ASB are snowed under – we need to keep reporting incidents til someone gets back to us.

ASB is having a negative impact on Caretaking – Mohammed has a lot of extra work to do dealing with flytipping and drug detritus etc

5. Car Parking


Street parking restrictions started on 13/11/17.

Frances: it looked like junk mail as it was in a plain white envelope

Shannon: there was no logo, no name, I binned it

Cllr John to send memo re letters

Estate Parking. Elaine: we’re aiming for 1st week Feb, will try to give 2 weeks Notice, they’ll be paper permits not virtual. If blocked in by another double parked car, there’s a no to contact, and the car will be ticketed. Bays won’t be marked as it reduces parking spaces. There’ll be v visible signs all around blocks, inc where you can’t park eg bin areas.

Barry/Frances: cars have been parking on Council highway at back of Heston as markings need to be defined, blocking access to eg fire engines. A car was ticketed there today though.

Garages have been knocked down, parking on estate has reduced.

6. Caretaking

It was decided that as there was no representative from LH present at the meeting and as there had been an extensive discussion re ASB that this issue would be added as an item to the agenda of a future meeting

6. AOB

date & time of next meeting

Jake: reinstate CCTV Pitman?

Door Entry Systems: several residents requested that this be assessed and decided on a block by block basis, which is what the letter GL had received from LH said they would do.

Mohammed (Caretaker): All agreed to thank Mohammed for his excellent work throughout the year as the main and often only Caretaker on the estate, with a gift of chocs and a card. RR said he was willing to donate some appropriate goodies.

next meeting 7 March 2018 6.30 for 7pm – 8.30pm

meeting closed 8.30pm

 Thanks to Councillor Sophie McGeevor, who provided Update notes on related issues:

Councillor Sophie McGeevor – Update Tanners Hill TRA 27-11-17 01

Councillor Sophie McGeevor – Update Tanners Hill TRA 27-11-17 02


Thanks to the Safer Neighbourhood Team for providing information regarding Operation Bumble Bee, and what to do if you are a victim of burglary:

Policing – Operation Bumble Bee 01

Policing – Operation Bumble Bee 02


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