TANNERS HILL TRA – General Meeting Minutes

7pm – 8.30pm, Wednesday 27th September 2017


Committee Members

Barry Still (BS) – Chair/Block Rep Heston House

Gillian Lewis (GL) – Secretary/Block Rep Deloraine House

Naomi – Vice Chair/Resident Engagement Panel Rep

Rod – Block Rep Pitman House

Ted Trott – Block Rep Omega St evens

Lewisham Homes

Elaine Wright –

Frank Olaniran – ASB Team

Dave Tutt –

Tenants and Residents

Deloraine House: Tom Deffee, Robert Ridyard

Heston House: Nuala Walsh, Jake, Andrea

Pitman House: Marge, Katinka, Russell, John, Alvarez

Tanners Hill: Shannon Clark, David Briggs

Florence Terrace: Fred, Eileen, Vicky Yeardley, Sue Slade

Partners & Others

Sergeant Jackie and Lee from SNT


Colin and Frances (Florence Terr), Rod (Pitman Block Rep) had to leave early as he had flu

Cllr’s McGeevor, Coughlin and Adeifirenye

Agenda Item

1. welcome, intro – ductions, apologies

Opened the meeting, welcomed the panel and announced apologies

2. Agree minutes 22 May 2017

Added Frank Olaniran to attendees, minutes agreed

3. Matters arising


Parking, ASB, bike rack update are agenda items. GL: LH confirmed

Pitman Green Noticeboard, All present agreed to compile a list of ways that

ASB can be contacted and reported, to be lefleated and posted as Notices

GL to follow up Noticeboards, actions by Frank O, SC and GL

4. ASB

GL: literature is available at this meeting, from support services, for anyone affected by issues related to drugs

Frank: T Hill is my area, I liaise with Police to tackle ASB issues – WE NEED MORE EMAILS, NOTHING IS TOO SMALL TO REPORT BECAUSE IT BUILDS UP A PICTURE, so we can help to make a safer environment.

Report sheets usually relate to noise/ nuisance issues, everone has a different tolerance eg if a baby is crying there’s nothing we can do but loud music, fights or witnessed events, we can do an email Log.

Discussion: certain parts of estate are hotspots for ASB eg Pitman, parts of Heston, partly due to layout of blocks. It’s intimidating, some aren’t residents

Frank: robust action reduces ASB, otherwise it just ‘goes round’, we need info to work with agencies and create a deterrant

Sgt Jackie: can ring 101 for instant response if it’s happening there and then, although Officers may be busy

SC: a party Sunday night affected the whole block (T Hill), v loud, people theatening and aggressive, I called police who told me to call Lew Homes, told me to call Lew Council, who told me to call police. Party stopped 8am

Sgt Jackie: phones are manned by non officers – noise is never normally referred to Council, but we could use powers to seize equipment and would in that situation SC: I spent 2 hours calling

Lee: on busy nights we prioritise, it’s more difficult if a one off, we trialled reporting by twitter, we can only be as good as the intelligence given

SC: that would have been a more satisfactory response – call wasn’t logged there was no ref no.

Frank: ASB is also rubbish thrown out of windows, report it, we can write letters “we’ve received reports…”

Sgt Jackie: we have 2 PC’s & a Community Support Officer who walk as much of the Ward as we can (we have other work too) – if you report to me I can justify putting officers on the estate. Info can be anonymous

5. Caretaking

It was noted that estate was looking ‘tatty’ as there is a shortage of C/t’s.

DT: increased cost if we bring another C/t, we have a no of Estates Assts use as backup, 4 people in team cover for long term absence. 91 C/t’s in all. Re circumstance of absent C/t, “we didn’t realise it would go on this long”

Various residents: blocked drains causing water in square where children play (42-60 Flor terr). Pooling and mosquitos due to bad resurfacing job by LH, Vicky wrote to Mark Agnew. Urine in alley and rubbish over the years.

RR: C/ts report but notice is not taken

DT: We provided a Dir Line to C/ts & dedicated email, they report a repair and operative will go out – if follow on work is reqd but that is not fed back to C/t, the C/ts get frustrated

NW: new residents need to be informed who C/ts are, we need to know when a C/t leaves

If a major change then we should communicate, but we didn’t know how long this C/t absence was going on for. I am involved but not directly managing C/ts, Gary’s (estate supervisor) patch is T hill and whole of New X

there’s over 150 staff

Residents present praised Mohammed’s work and wished Darryl a speedy recovery

Bulk Waste

DT: LH took over bulk waste collection and estate sweeping just over a year ago, the service was for the collection of occasional items but over last 10 years, everything inc white goods gets picked up. Changes n legislation mean it can’t all go to tip, plus we have to pick up fly tipping.

Would have liked to have a set collection day for bulk items but collecting fly tipping at the same time has disrupted this plus since Grenfell fire we have to collect from 6 high risk blocks – fire officer is reporting to us and we have to remove – we’re dealing with 24-32 fly tips weekly/daily??

There’s an App: ‘fix my st???’ recently a resident video’d a van unload an entire kitchen, but she wouldn’t give a statement, she could see face but not no plate so couldn’t sue. Can report to environmental services@ & we can work with ASB.

Another example: an individual working with a Tipper on periphery of Lewisham, tipped and blocked access to an estate, no-one could drive out in the morning.

There’s been a 35pc increase of flytipping toapprox 500 tonnes yearly???

Colin’s photo’s ie cardboard is recycle not Bulk, and shopping trolley is a fly tip. We’re doing a complete audit to reduce collection points, and a campaign ‘Love where you Live’

6. Parking

Clarification – Highways is CPZ, residents noted there’s a ‘knock on effect’ when it comes into being, also that signs have gone up in Heald, Heston and Flor Terr but we haven’t been given info re applying for permits. Cllr Sophie is following up.

EW: Estate parking – we did a survey, which we are required to send out – Pitman House only has 6 bays, so we can’t do a parking scheme. Spaces are allocated on a first come first serve basis, 1 per household, monitored by a security Co. Once signs are around the estate (CPZ) it deters people

Vicky: suggested we consider all 3 blocks as 1 ie Deloraine, Heston, Pitman

General agreement to this idea

EW: I could survey Pitman, if 50pc of returned results want it then that would be a yes vote

7. AOB inc date & time of next meeting

Door Entry Systems

General discussion: it is important in some cases to have door entry systems, some residents objected where there are single entry stairs and ASB has been minimal over the years. ‘Redesigning Crime’ was cited as a way of dealing with ASB in blocks. It was also noted that entry doors can create dark spaces, prevent visual assessment on approaching the block. Some felt that residents should door step to consult others including tenants and not rely on LH consultation

Pitman House Heating

Pitman residents agreed that there had been “a ditressing lack of communcation” and that it wasn’t clear, re the change in billing from the charge being included in the service charge to individual payment and that not enough time had been given for them to switch Co’s.

EW: I only found out today – I received an email from our Welfare Benefit Scheme, for residents who have difficulty in paying

Vicky: reminder that LH previously said it wasn’t possible for residents to have control over Bills as they’d have to ask everyone – now it’s happening, it should be challenged. Suggested ACTION

Bike Racks update from Tom Deffee

Look on the website www.h2bikerun.co.uk/h2asgard/ to see which spaces remain. The racks are different from the pics – seems this is a cost issue, some had to be moved due to people using them to climb onto Pitman porch, they again have to moved as people use them to climb and hang on electric cables.

New Cross Walk in Centre (Waldron)

Lewisham CCG want to close it but it’s a safety net for those who may not be able to see a GP ie young people regarding sexual health, people who have a GP, can’t get an apt with GP etc over 20pc of the people using it are deemed to be in these categories

next meeting 27 November 2017, 6.30 for 7pm – 8.30pm

meeting closed 8.30pm