General Meeting 22 May 2017



Attendees: Shannon, Gillian, Colin, Frances, Vickie, Catherine, Bobby, Elaine Wright (Lewisham Homes), Nuala, Chidi Onyema (Lewisham Homes), Dave Tutt (Lewisham Homes), Frank Olaniran (Lewisham Homes), Naomi, Sophie McGeevor (local Councillor). Several residents did not sign in.

Apologies: Fred & Eileen, Barry, Iris, Belinda, Steve, Tom D

Previous minutes:

Memorial for Stephen Robinson on his birthday on 24th August

Play area / gym equipment for Pitman House forecourt

GL: made complaint about fire safety in Pitman House. They made a formal response, which she is happy to share if anyone would like to see

Forthcoming Controlled Parking Zone:

GL: There was a question about zoning for parking permits. Lewisham Homes will deal with estate roads. Lewisham council will deal with public roads.

CC: What about abandoned vehicles?

DT: we need Lewisham council to deal with the vehicles. It can be difficult to deal with two different agencies. We can’t share personal data.

_: There’s a vehicle on Tanner’s Hill that hasn’t moved this year. How can I report it.

DT: You can do either through the Lewisham council website or the DVLA website.

Frank (LH): it’s also an ASB issue. If you report to us, we can investigate as well. We’ve had an ongoing investigation into abandoned vehicles running since March.

NW: How are the Heston House and Deloraine House car parks controlled.

DT: We’re renewing our signage. We can say “resident parking only”, but the trouble is it’s difficult for us to enforce.

CC: That would be good, because that will eliminate unintentional abuse by those who think those spaces are part of the CPZ.

VY: What about the disabled bays? I saw a sign that they’re being removed.

FC: This should be addressed with the local councillors.

Action (GL): Message the councillors about disabled parking.


ASB update:

Frank: We have an ongoing investigation into the antisocial behaviour on the estate (drugs, trespassing, criminal damage). Please do let me know.

_: Can you advise what results you’ve achieved to date? Arrests, evictions, etc.

Frank: I can’t comment on specifics, but we are working with the TRA and the police and the housing officer.

_: How do we report?

Frank: use the website or contact us directly:


By email:

ASB hotline: 020 3889 0652

Housing officers:

SC: we had a major noise incident a few days ago. Police told me to talk to talk to council. Council told me to talk to Lewisham Homes. Lewisham Homes told me to talk to Lewisham council.

Frank: There is a 24-hour service that you can call and they’ll pass the details on to me on the next working day.

Action: Frank to look into whether the police actually have an agreement with Lewisham council.

Action: SC to make formal complaint to police about being denied resources in the middle of the night.


Caretaking on the estate:

GL: people are very happy with Mohammed, the caretaker. We’re pleased that he’s been made full-time. We’ve made Lewisham Homes aware of this.

Update from Dave Tutt: We’ve made changes to our services. We’ve also taken a number of services recently from Lewisham council. My role has changed.

I’ve brought Chidi, who is the area manager for your area with regard to estate services.

With regard to hiring… people who worked for us as agency contractors who want to apply to permanent roles, we used to have to treat them as outside candidates. Now they are treated as internal. This allows us to retain good people.


Chidi’s contact details:

CC: the signs relating to chute times and locations have gone missing.

VY: What are the times?

DT: I don’t know the times off the top of my head. But we are undertaking a programme to replace the signage.

DT: For any caretaking issues, please contact:

_: Entry door cameras in Pitman House. The system was replaced with an audio-only system. Now when someone calls at odd times, you can’t see who’s calling.

Action DT: Why has this video entry system been downgraded to an audio system.

_: the communal area camera in Pitman House lobby is a dummy. It’s not connected to anything.

Update on bike racks & gym equipment:

Action GL: To forward information put together by Belinda

Action Tom D: to forward update on bike racks post Friday’s meeting.


Decent Homes update:

Sophie McGeevor: mediation talks have broken down. Mitie has refused to accept responsibility for faulty Widopan. Lewisham Homes have agreed that leaseholders will not be billed for remedial work to do with Widopan.

CC: Paint is failing, but keeps falling off the radar.

GL: mastic on the windows in Heston House have failed.

NW: Mark Agnew committed to paying for a leasehold valuation tribunal. What’s the status of that?

GL: Andrew Potter has recently committed to me that that will be upheld.

SM: I believe the reason they’ve been trying to push through the sign-off is that they can’t begin the process of evaluating the work that’s been done.

VY: Mitie had no quality control

SC: I still think the fault doesn’t all lie with Mitie. Mitie was given lousy instructions by Lewisham Homes .

CC: And Bailey Garner.

DT: We are learning lessons from this. It’s unfortunate you guys have suffered. But we are taking what we’ve learnt here and we’re applying them in newer projects.

CC: Can we have a final walk-around with Steve before the AGM?

Action SM: To organise that

SM: They’ve committed to providing a timeframe for leaseholder billing by the end of June. Not that the bills will be ready by then, but that by then they’ll be able to provide info about timing. Bailey Garner are overseeing the billing process.

VY: There’s no trust there. Bailey Garner are the problem.

NW: Residents in Deloraine House made the conscious decision not to have jet washing. Bailey Garner overruled us and proceeded with it anyways.


FC: have been covering resident engagement panels, but it’s currently two tenants. We should have a leaseholder.

Naomi: I volunteered.

Action SC: I will send Naomi’s details to Deborah Cheyne