TANNERS HILL TRA General Meeting

6.30 – 8.30 pm Monday 6 February 2017


Committee Members

Colin Connell (CC) – Treasurer

Frances Connell (FC)

Gillian Lewis (GL) – Secretary/Block Rep Deloraine House

Shannon Clarke (SC) – Chair

Barry Still (BS) – Vice Chair/Block Rep Heston House/Area Panel Rep

Ted Trott (TT) – Block Rep Omega St

Lewisham Homes

Lewisham Tenants Fund

Tenants and Residents

Joe Orr – Deloraine House, Belinda Rumbold – Pitman House, Sue Slade, Vickie Yeardley, Eileen and Fred – Florence Terrace, Dave Briggs, Naomi – Tanners Hill

Partners & Others


Nuala – Heston House, Ken Webb – Tanners Hill, Iris – Heald St

Agenda Item

Action Required

1. welcome, intro – ductions, apologies

GL apologised on behalf of the TRA if anyone had been told about Stephen Robinson’s untimely death, in an insensitive way, or hadn’t been told. It was entirely unintentional and regretted.

2. Stephen Robinson

The meeting shared the shock and sadness that was felt at Stephen’s passing, acknowledged the work that Stephen had done for the TRA and estate (there is a tribute on the website) and thanked BR and CC for supporting Stephen’s family in clearing Stephen’s flat. Minstrel (Steve’s cat) has also been rehomed. There were copies of the first TRA Newsletter that Stephen had produced, for people to look at and CC confirmed that we now have the template to produce the next Newsletter. The meeting observed a one minute silence in honour of Stephen Robinson.

Eileen: “he was a lovely boy”

CC confirmed that he had been elected as Treasurer until the AGM, the old bank account is now closed and a new one is being opened.

There is a memorial organised by Stephen’s friends at the Sail Loft on Tue 7th Feb and SC has suggested that the TRA could organise an informal early evening gathering at ‘The Albert’, concerns were raised that a pub may not be a suitable venue for some – it was felt that as Steve didn’t have any close friends who would be deterred and as it was his favourite local, it was an appropriate venue. Date tbc

3. Matters arising

The previous minutes of 5/12/16 were agreed GL to contact LBL re abandoned vehicles on estate

4. Funding

Brockley Assembly Fund – approx 5k

Section 106 – approx 8k

CC – the previous estimate for a ball court on Pitman garage roof was done by LBL and pre dated Lhomes and is now lost. The cost was increased by the need for scaff on walls by T Hill and Heald St.

CC – we could look at improvements around the estate ie smaller jobs that we all benefit from

BS – there is an item on Party Streets at Brockley Assembly tmo – may be good for estate?

Bike racks/hangers – LBL will install for free but we have to get as many people as poss to do the survey demonstrating that there is a need. The link to the survey is on the website

BR to ask Flor Terr and Watson St Scaffolders if they’d donate or discount

GL to find out who to ask re match funding from Lhomes

ALL – fwd to neighbours

5. AOB

Fire Alarms in Pitman – doors have been released, C/T’s didn’t know procedure, so doors open for a week with non residents partying on stairs etc

Also if the alarms go off in a flat, no-one else can hear it, so how will Pitman residents know to evacuate in an emergency

GL – to make a formal complaint and cc Cllrs

AOB contd

C/T’s are agency, incurring extra cost but to make them permanent a fee has to be paid to the agency, although may still be value for money in the long term as the C/T’s have been praised by residents

Discussion re car parking – difficult to have a social life when you can’t get home and have to park miles away! CPZ has been approved and is coming. BR – warned that several car windows have been smashed on the estate

GL email Dave Tutt

meeting closed 8.30pm


Date & Time of next General Meeting:

27th March 2017