7pm – 9pm, Monday 5th December 2016


Committee Members

Shannon Clarke (SC) – Chair

Gillian Lewis (GL) – Secretary/Block Rep Deloraine House

Ted Trott (TT) – Omega St

Lewisham Homes


Sophie McGeevor, Jimi Adefirenye, John Coughlin

Tenants and Residents

Sue Slade, Leo – Florence Terrace

Robert Ridyard – Deloraine House

Naomi – Tanners Hill

Tom -?

Partners & Others


Vickie Yeardley, Colin Connell, Frances Connell, Stephen Robinson, Nuala Walsh, Barry Still, Iris Davies

Agenda Item

Action Required

1. welcome, intro – ductions, apologies

SC minuted, GL chaired: opened the meeting, welcomed all and announced apologies

2. Agree minutes

Cllr SM correction: she didn’t ask Vicky Foxcroft to address traffic issues.

3. Matters arising

GL: Vickie Y was concerned that Mark Agnew’s committment to L Homes paying for an independent valuation re DH works, be upheld. Andrew Potter has confirmed this in writing.

4. Traffic Problems

All: Traffic is significantly worse over the past year.

Cllr SM: discussed with Simon Moss of LBL. He meets with TfL on 15/12. They have so far said the issues are due to accidents, incidents plus the ongoing work at Lewisham Gateway. Once that’s done, it should improve.

Cllr JC: I spoke with TfL a year ago. They told me then that it was due to the issues with Brookmill Rd. We need to discuss the causes and think radically about solutions. Leo: Do we need to start thinking about blocking off the Rd?

Cllr JA: possibly look at reducing speed limits to 30 mph (sic: note it’s already 20 on all LBL)

SS: there’s only half a yellow box at junction with T Hill, so drivers on A2 block exit at bottom of hill.

All: full yellow boxes at the bottom of Tanner’s Hill and Florence Rd would improve the flow

Cllr SM: I’ll add a Dropbox account relating to traffic issues in the estate.

Leo: If nothing happens, we should look at protest actions. General Agreement

Cllr JC: Green Party did a study of air quality on Tanner’s Hill and Deptford Broadway in March 16. The levels on Tanner’s Hill were below the legal limit (32 and 40, respectively). Deptford Broadway was 63. We’ll repeat it again after a year.

GL: Deptford Broadway is a multi-lane busy road; Tanner’s Hill is just homes and a couple of pubs.

Cllr SM: I’ll add a Dropbox account relating to traffic issues in the estate.

Action (all): Email all 3 Cllrs re traffic issues.

Action (all): Talk to other residents and ask them to email the Councillors.

Action (GL): Let’s add this to next meeting agenda.

5. Parking

SC: Read out an email from LBL representative:

January-February 2017 – “Statutory consultation on the Traffic Management Order required to introduce the new CPZ. This is a legally required process, during which we will advertise our proposals for new parking controls in the local press and on street notices installed in the affected area. The advertisement and notices will provide details of the proposed new parking controls and contact information by which people can formally respond to or object to the proposals.

Spring 2017– Implementation and commencement.

Depending on the results of the statutory consultation, installation of the road markings and signs which form the new CPZ will commence during the spring. 

Prior to the implementation of the new zone, a letter will be sent to all residents and businesses in the new CPZ area informing them of the results of the statutory consultation, the start date of the new CPZ and details on how to obtain a permit to park within the new zone.

Cllr JC: In my neighbourhood, they did a consultation. My street said no; other streets said yes. Now we have no CPZ and the other streets do, so residents from other streets park on our street.

RR: There’s also an issue with untaxed vehicles dumped on the estate.

Action (GL): to request council to undertake a survey of abandoned vehicles.

Action (GL): Let’s add this to next meeting agenda.

6. Funding

Brockley Assembly Funds approx 5k, Section 106 for T Hill development approx 8k

Tom: handed out info and photo’s of various bike rack and their cost. LBL will fund and install the more economical bike racks if residents want them, only the residents that use them pay £24 a year. So we wouldn’t have to use these funds to get bike racks.

Discussion re ball court on Pitman Garage roof – seemed to be most popular idea but previous costings had proved too expensive. Suggestions – only fence 2 sides, look for matching funding from L Homes.

All: fill in survey to show bike racks needed

BS: put link to survey on website

GL: ask CC for details of previous costing

Date & Time of next meeting

Monday 6th February 2017 Meeting closed 8.30pm