Meeting minutes
Tanner’s Hill TRA General Meeting

Barry Still, Shannon Clarke, Stephen Robinson, Martin Ryan (Lewisham Homes), Tom Deffee, John Coughlin, Sophie McGeevor, Naomi Groves, Vickie Yeardley, Karen, Frances Connell, Colin Connell, Dave Briggs, Sue Slade, Aldona Cunningham, Ted Trott, Iris Davies, Serhat Ozcelik, others I don’t recognise

Fred & Eileen (arrived late), Nuala, Gillian, Elaine Wright (needs to leave early)

Amend previous meeting minutes to show BS did send apologies
Previous action: AM had stated there would be recurring walk-arounds. These have not happened.
Action: MR to take this up and pursue

Two new caretakers, Tony and Mohammed. Both very good.
Many attendees agree.
SR: caretakers in Pitman House do an excellent job mopping up after the leaks
SC: 2 caretakers saved the life of a vulnerable resident last week.
FC: Bin cupboards on Florence Terrace have been locked every night due to a recent incident of fly-tipping incident wherein a house filled up the bins of all the maisonettes on the other side of the road in the middle of the night.
EW: The specific resident has had a letter so doors can be opened overnight if people want.
VY: Could we have a letter to residents about how rubbish, recycling, and lumber work on the estate work?
SC: That would be useful across the whole estate as we have similar problems elsewhere on the estate.
Action: EW please undertake if possible
SO: On Tanner’s Hill block one of the staircases doesn’t have a gate. People congregate on the open staircase — smoking, sometimes sleeping rough. We need increased
BS: similar security issues elsewhere on the estate
Action: MR to raise these concerns with Steve Colman director of development & investment, with a view to reviewing security on the estate. Please feed back to us what the result of that conversation is.
SR: there’s also a lot of issues with anti-social behaviour, some coming from the hostel/pub
Action: tra to send a letter to hostel thanking them for their improvements and asking if they’d mind putting up a sign to ask hostel residents to be respectful

CC: Controlled parking zone coming from March 2017. Information in the recent newsletter. Council has promised to send a rep to speak to residents beforehand.
Action: JC and SM to urge parking reps to attend our next tra general meeting in December.
CC: Can we talk about the phasing of the lights? Constant traffic back-up on Tanner’s Hill. Lights are timed so traffic is constantly backed up. It’s apparently a smart system, but it doesn’t work.
??: Has anyone measured the air quality while traffic is backed up?
JC: Green Party undertook an air quality measurement recently on Tanner’s Hill. The results were just below the legal limit.
SM: Should we try to get someone from the TfL into the next meeting.
BS: Yes, please.
CC: Sophie, Could you get Vicky to address this with Sadiq Khan, please?

Green Services
MR: in the previous minutes, there was a discussion about planting a bay tree.
Action: MR to follow up with Angela regarding the possible bay tree as well as a forthcoming walk-around
TT: The ivy in the back of Omega Street is halfway across the garden. There’s also an ongoing problem with sycamores.
MR: Will make a note
SS: We’ve had this discussions over and over and over. It never gets resolved. The sycamore seedlings are no longer seedlings
Eileen: There’s a big tree on Florence Road that’s been there 49 years. It’s never been pruned. There’s also ivy on number 42 that’s taking over neighbouring properties.
EW: The resident who owns the ivy is a leaseholder. We’re pursuing the matter in the courts.
??: It’s great that Lewisham Homes say we’re going to do this, that, and the other, but nothing ever happens.
BS: I suggest you keep complete records of what you report, to whom, when, etc.
EW: Depending on whether the particular resident or a leaseholder, it’s a completely different team that deals with things. If someone passes me info and it relates to a leaseholder, all I can do is pass the info along to the relevant team.
AC: It’s an ambiguous area. I had an issue with ivy and it caused damp. Who’s responsible for the damp? The leaseholder or the freeholder (i.e. Lewisham Homes)
SR: There’s a space between Heston House and Pitman House. It was agreed to make this a wildflower area. Instead they just let it grow untended. That’s not a wildflower meadow; it’s a dog toilet.
BS: There’s a couple of dead trees.
Action: BS to contact green services about the dead trees.

Any Other Business
SR: We have £6,000 from a locality fund. It was for us to obtain a meeting space. That fell through. We now have these funds to spend on improving the local area. One suggestion has been to instal bike racks, but we are looking for a number of suggestions.
VY: Bike racks are a good idea, but could we have a look at the proper individual bike lockers?
SS: What about a football pitch at the base of Pitman House?
SR: we looked at it before, but it cost too much
TD: With the bike rack idea, how much detail do you want from us?
SC: The more detail you send us, the less work we have to do. Send me your idea.
BS: There’s also a some section 106 money (~£8k).
SR: wasn’t aware of this.
VY: Can we have a breakdown of what monies are available and what they’re for?
Action: SR to send a few sentences on each pot to the group for publication to the website and the newsletter
??: When the parking zones are introduced where will I find out more info? Specifically about estate roads and road markings…
Action: MR to convey to his colleagues for follow up

VY: Mark Agnew had agreed to undertake a leasehold valuation review on our estate. We should talk about what happens to those plans.
Action: MR to convey to his colleagues for follow up
SO: Hot water tanks on Tanner’s Hill block were supposed to be replaced recently, but were they? We’re at 62 and they haven’t been done.