Angie Mcgough (Lewisham Homes garden services)
Charlie (resident Heald Street )
Robert Ridyard (resident Deloraine House )
Elaine Wright (housing officer)
Stephen Thompson (resident Deloraine House)
Sue Slade (chair)
Shannon Clarke (secretary)
Stephen Robinson (treasurer)
Naomi Groves (Tanner’s Hill)
Apologies: Jimi, Colin, frances, Fred, Eileen, Alicia, Gillian

Garden services

Garden services have transferred from glendale & LBL to Lewisham Homes
Trimming of branches or bed maintenance  can now be done on request
Engaging more with community — what kind of plants do they want to see, building improvement lists
We can now deal with ivy
RR: Back lawn at Deloraine House doesn’t get cleared of litter often enough. Front beds by number 49 need checking more often.
AM: we’ve got a guy called terry. We advise him of any hotspots. We’re working to get access to areas that have been welded shut.
AM: At the next meeting i could come along to consult with what you want to see. We’ll do our planting in October.
SR: Next meeting is AGM, and next isn’t until September.
SC: couldn’t we make time in AGM for garden services?
SR: Probably not
Agreed that we could do a walking consultation after the AGM on a date to be communicated at the AGM.
Other Stephen: at back of Deloraine House there’s a double gate to the garden. It has a padlock, but it’s broken or not locked. The front gate (for residents) is welded shut, but the back garden accessible from the road is stuck open.
AM: Will look into that.
AM: garden contractors have time set aside to do walk-arounds to see what needs attention.
AM: we’ve partnered with a number of nurseries in the borough and we’ve sent our gardeners on plant husbandry courses so they learn about sustainability. We can also arrange for residents to visit these nurseries.
SR: we’ve got very little green space on the estate, particularly around Pitman House. Heald Street also suffers from flooding. Can we get additional green space.
AM: will look into it.
SS: Maybe some beds along Heald Street at base of Pitman House.
Charlie: fell and broke arm due in Heston House garden to unlevel tree roots.
AM: Those aren’t us.
SS: but surely your guys should note that and call in the relevant teams?
AM: yes
Action: AM, SS, SR, and Gary to do garden walk around on 25/5/16.
SS: New trees went in on Tanner’s Hill on 12/5/16. Was that you?
AM: No.
SS: one went in just by 82. Because of where it is, anybody with a wheelchair or baby buggy can’t get by. It needs to be moved.
AM: Where should it go?
RR: directly across Tanner’s Hill.
AM: will look into it.
SR: There’s a spot on Tanner’s Hill (between Heston House and Pitman House) where they keep planting trees, but they won’t grow because the soil isn’t deep enough.
AM: will look into it.
SR: would love a bay tree on the estate, so residents could pick bay leaves.
AM: will look into it.
SS: Anything else on gardens?
AM: At present your estate is due to be visited On the second and fourth Thursday’s of each month.
SS:  Because we’ve got our AGM coming up… We need to know the rules around rent / service charge arrears.
EW: the resident cannot be in arrears of more than 7 weeks. Also, there can’t be any current enforcement notices.
SS: Did ring up the parking enforcement people, but they would be coming in blind. They don’t have the results of the resident survey yet. They don’t have any info yet. It looks like the plan to add a CPZ in the area will proceed.
SR: if you got questions relating to parking or caretaking please write them on the pad by the door.
RR: There are certain families who keep making mess in the stairwells. I feel badly for the caretakers having to deal with it.
EW: I follow up with them when I’m made aware of them, but if they’re leaseholders there’s not much I can do.
SC: I report them to the ASB team. They follow up regardless of whether they’re tenants or leaseholders.
EW: If it’s a Lewisham Homes tenant, I can deal them. If it’s leaseholders, that’s a different thing. But then we’ve got leaseholders who turn their properties over to LBL to let out. Those properties are managed by the council. There is literally nothing we can do. I can write the tenants, but they can rip it up in my face.
SR: I’d like to bring up an issue. In the past few weeks there has been a lot of drug use and dealing in Pitman House. I know the caretakers have been logging incidents they’ve seen, but I want to make you aware of it. Is there anything you can do?
EW: this is the first I’ve heard of it. What I can do it lettering the building with security recommendations.
Other Stephen: Went to a safer neighbourhoods meeting
Charles Faulds: Abandoned cars. At least 3 abandoned vehicles on the Heston House car park. Encourages antisocial behaviour.
CF: Wooden shed built between Heston House and Pitman House. Fire hazard and security issue.
Various: discussion about the former parking garage beside Pitman House. Was taken out of use due to unsafe conditions about 15 years ago.
SS: Who should deal with abandoned cars?
Other Stephen: At least one has false number plates.
EW: They are dealt with by the ASB team (
AGM will be held on 15/6/16.