Ted T, Robert R, felicity, Annelie, Russell, Belinda, joe Orr, Barry, Nuala,l, Gill, shannon, sue S, Rufus Graham, Vickie

Chair: Barry
Minutes: Shannon

Apologies: Stephen, Frances, Colin

Minutes of previous regular general meeting not available. AS said they had been sent, but none of the TRA remember ever seeing them.

Most people (eg BS & GL) remember there being an agreement to hold small meetings specific to each block. BS said this had turned into a big drop-in meeting and door-knocking. Barry expressed annoyance at this. He said this was changed without consulting residents. Annelie recalls there being an agreement to take this approach.

RR said the door-knocking had been effective in reducing asb.

Discussion between various parties about whether TRA Meeting notices were given in time. Sue said they put up in time. RR said notices had not been up in his stairwell. He also stated that the TRA had an obligation to notify individuals, not just bulletins.

ACTION (RR): check constitution (bs) about HOW notices need to be delivered to residents. We agree it’s 21 days in advance of the meeting, but is that individual/ personal notice or broad general notice?

ACTION (GL): TRA committee (sc) to formally contact community engagement & our local councillors about the agreement to use the school.

ACTION (VY): if we’ve had a meeting room taken away and we meet somewhere that constitutes the least worst option, but it’s technically in violation of our constitution, is that valid? Check with community engagement team

We agreed to tentatively set the next meeting for Monday 30 November 2015.

Brief Decent Homes update from AS.
Goes without saying this project has been a challenging one. She was brought in at a point when the works had been ‘completed’, and we were down to a snagging list. The items on that list have been worked on and new items added as they’ve been uncovered. She is onsite at Tanner’s Hill every Tuesday from 14:00-16:00.

BS: pointed out that at times she has not been here every Tuesday afternoon.
AS: with the exception of annual leave or unavoidable conflicting meetings, she has been.
AS: all blocks except Deloraine House and Heston House have been signed off and we are working through snagging lists
VY: Asked for confirmation that Mahoney House had been signed off.
AS: there are also defect lists. These cases aren’t snagging items. They are manufacturer liability items.
NL: if the repairs aren’t done within the year, the warranty expires. What happens then? Do those things just not get repaired?
AS: as long as the defects are recorded within the year, they must put things right. If the vendor is unable to put things right, we can appoint a new vendor and they will put it right.
NL: but who pays for that
AS: contract law states that we can hold back some of the moneys, and if the vendor is unable to complete a necessary repairs, then those funds can be diverted to the new vendors.
RUfus: when does the one-year begin? Is it when each piece of work is completed?
AS: it is when the block is signed off.
AS: currently there is an audit process going on to review the costs and the spend to date.
VY: is that an external audit or a self-auditing process?
AS: Mitie, Bailey Garner, and Lewisham Homes are all performing self-audits, but Lewisham Homes has also appointed an external auditor.
ACTION (bs): AS to check who the external auditor is.
VY: what’s our recourse to challenge the quality of the work?
AS: when the bill comes in, you can challenge it with Lewisham Homes.
VY: so I can’t make an issue of the quality until I have the bill
AS: if you believe a specific piece of work is not worth what you’re charged—
VY: what is with this focus on money?
GL: many residents believe the sign-off has been done in a very arbitrary fashion without consultation with residents. there has been an extraordinary amount of dissent over what’s on the snagging list.
AS: when the bill comes in, you can challenge it with Lewisham Homes.
Meeting descended into an argument about the quality of the works and I lost the ability to capture what was being said as many people were speaking at the same time.
NL: much of work has been badly done. And residents are tired of hearing the same refrain: Bailey Garner told us it was up to standard. Bailey Garner told us it didn’t need doing. Bailey Garner told us it did need doing. Bailey Garner told us this wasn’t a problem.
VY: if there are savings to be made, will the allocated funds on the Lewisham Homes side be reinvested elsewhere on the estate?
AS: it’s grant money and it’s not ring-fenced per estate. It’s mandated to be used where it’s needed most across the borough.

It’s 20:30. Most people have left. Meeting adjourned.