Area Panel Meeting Notes – April 2016

CEO update from Andrew Potter

Lewisham Homes taking on street sweeping and bulk refuse collection, grounds maintenance, and new build. Six new build live sites active this year.

Major works programme draw drawing to a close. ‘We’ve improved between 6-7 thousand houses in the course of this programme.’ Stated that the programme had been overall very successful. Mitie doesn’t do internal works; they’re all by Lewisham Homes own workforce

Lewisham Homes new builds… 25% sold to open market to fund. the remaining 75% will be social housing at social housing. When they purchase on the open market, they use those for short-term accommodation at benefit rates.

New build sites in forest hill, Blackheath, more forest hill. Total number of units across all sites is approximately is 150.

A lot of questions and comments about major works, particularly focusing on quality of works. Also, why are Mitie inspecting internal details if they’re not doing internal works?

Ratification of previous meeting’s minutes.

Crossfields objected to several points. These were amended. Then ratification was agreed.

Discussion of the logistics of the meetings. One woman wanted the meeting to be more of a workshop style with small-group discussions. Others suggested a conference-style set-up rather than the current classroom set-up.

Discussion of the performance report presented by Jon Kanareck (for Adam Barrett).

Update on community engagement strategy by Hilary Barber. Key theme of the engagement strategy is to widen engagement. They’re using more online tools to engage with residents. Lots of stuff going on at the Albany. Main point of contact for TRAs will now be the housing officers rather than the community engagement officers.

Dave Tutt gave an update on new services being provided by Lewisham Homes. Bulk refuse (lumber), grounds maintenance, and street sweeping. LBL has 4 mobile teams doing street sweeping and 2 teams doing bulk refuse, each with 7.5t lorries. With the transition, Lewisham Homes will operate 3 teams of 3 with 3.5t vehicles as they can’t operate the larger lorries for reasons that were not clear. Street sweeping will move to some estate-based teams and 2 mobile teams (in addition to the existing caretaking teams). The staff are transferring from LBL to Lewisham Homes employment.

Very brief update from Jon Kanareck. Transferring responsibility for sheltered accommodation to Lewisham Homes (from whom?).

All remaining items on the agenda were held for the next meeting.


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Notes: Shannon Clarke

Attended: Shannon Clarke and Barry Still, on behalf of Belinda Rumbold and Nuala Walsh