Tanner’s Hill TRA

Meeting chair: Stephen
Minutes: shannon.ilene@gmail.com
Apologies: AK, VF, JC
Count: 20 inc. 1 child + 2

Round robin intros
Review of minutes
Secretary’s update (sc)
-Twitter (165 followers)
-leaseholder group & contacts
Chair’s update (SS)
-all efforts have been around Decent Homes
-huge amount of efforts over the year
-thank you to all who’ve helped & supported
VY: thank you for all your efforts
GL: note we did have use of 82, but…
Vice chair’s update (cc)
-82 unlikely to ever happen as they want us to have income of £15-16k
Treasurer’s report (Stephen)
-account balance is (Stephen to send)
-description of restricted vs unrestricted
-SS: leaseholders not making contributions
-Sc: unless we do so voluntarily

Block rep reports
Deloraine House (GL)
-very little to update as all efforts have been taken by Decent Homes activities
-Heston Garden has been substantially damaged by the Decent Homes people. Have sought £250 damages to repurchase supplies. Have been told it’s in the post. Not seen anything yet.
NW: thank you to GL and bt and Steve for excellent work on the garden
Belinda: found a knife recently in garden turned it into snt


Heston House (BS)
-all time taken up by Decent Homes
-very poor quality work uncovered at walk-around to uncover snagging items at end of work
-Damp due to Decent Homes works
GL: one thing highlighted with Heston House was some items have shown up on leaseholders’ service charges, but are actually Mitie work to do with Decent Homes
NW: please register on myLewishamHomes


Pitman House (SR)
-with regards to Decent Homes, the block is a better place to live than it was 2 years ago.
-will not be standing again
SS: Fire doors are still an issue. Need to be picked up by next rep.
-Belinda: about Widopan… Another time


Tanner’s Hill (sc)
-Again, much time taken up with the Decent Homes stuff. Complete change of scope
-noise issues


Florence Terrace (cc)
–Again, much time taken up with the Decent Homes stuff.
-been following up with stuff and dealing with Annelie


Heald Street (ID)
-Glendale gardeners leave more mess than they resolve. They do not clean up after themselves.
Cc: some green services coming back in house to Lewisham Homes rather than outsourcing.
FK: yes, more control as we in-source.
BT: is Decent Homes work finished
ID: yes, except for snagging
CC: whoever’ done your garden, it looks excellent


Omega Street evens (Ted)
-Decent Homes is now done except for snagging
-somebody has been using our stairwell as a toilet. Working on that.
-Echo Iris’s comments about Glendale


Dissolution of current committee
Any comments for outgoing committee?
GL: this particular committee has been entirely taken up with Decent Homes. Because we know who everybody is in this, it would be best if current committee stands
Sc: maybe we need fresh eyes, fresh blood!

Election (FK)
Chair: SS
Vc: cc
Area panel: BR & NW
Block reps
Deloraine House GL
Heston House BT & NW
Pitman House BR
Tanner’s Hill sc
Florence Terrace CC
Heald Street ID
Omega Street (odds) TT
Omega Street (evens) vacant

ZD: money for a kids’ thing or event?
BT: can speak to Lewisham Homes or lew council

VY: re: leaseholder funds comms. Can we get this
Sc: we can e-mail leaseholders

GL: as a result of last walkabout with ceo of Lewisham Homes and councillors, a final and master list of outstanding dh items will be drawn up
VY: how and when will the list be published?
CC: it won’t. Data protection. It will be shared with two members of the committee. Eyes only.

Angela: account details for leaseholder contribution.
SR: Will send.