6.30pm – 8.30pm, Monday 10th March 2014

Addey and Stanhope School


Committee Members

Colin Connell (CC) – Treasurer
Frances Connell (FC) – Area Panel Rep
Belinda Rumbold (BR) – Block Rep, Pitman House
Iris Davies (ID) – Block Rep Heald St
Ted Trott (TT) – Block Rep Omega St
Vickie Yeardley (VY) – Area Panel Rep
Stephen Robinson (SR) – acting chair
Katherine Stewart – minutes

Lewisham Homes

Colin Dawes (CD)
Ian Philips (IP)
Dominic Johnson (DJ) – Health and Safety

Tenants and Residents

Florence Terrace: Sue Slade (SS); Mary Earlam; Marty O’Brien (MOB)
Heston House: Nuala Walsh (NW); Marie M’Pondo
Pitman House: Annette Cordwell; John Barnes (JB); Russell B (RB); B Ayling
Deloraine House: Ian Pendleton; O Amendomic;
Heald Street: Theresa; R Davis; Miss Lee; Maria Teresa Alvares
Tanners Hill: A Cunningham (AC); Ogden Hodge (OH); Shannon Clarke (SC); J Porter; Ken Webb; C McKenzie
Omega Street: Rufus Graham (RG);
Rosie Shaw
other residents attended but did not sign in

Partners & Others

Jon Watts (JW) – member of Labour Party attended on behalf of cllr Vicky Foxcroft
Jimi Adefiranye (JA) – cllr Lewisham
Alicia Kennedy (AK) – Brockley Labour / Labour cllr’s Rep
Karen Collinson (KC) – MITIE RLO
Simon Taylor (ST) – MITIE
Paul Himowicz (SH) – MITIE
Daniel Griggs (DG) – Bailey Garner


Vicky Foxcroft – Ward Councillor attending another meeting
Darren Johnson – Ward Councillor attending another meeting
Gillian Lewis – Secretary/Block Rep Deloraine House – unexpected emergency
Barry Still – Vice Chair/Block Rep Heston House – recovering from operation



Agenda Item Discussion Action Required
1. Customer Service/ Comms Mitie (ST) outlined:

  • Newsletters should now have been received by all estate residents. This will be a bi-monthly publication.
  • Friday 7th March more site specific tailored updates should have been delivered to all flats detailing ongoing work in their building.
  • The resident liaison officers (RLOs) provide the main communications channels. KC deals with all issues to do with external works.
  • There are also dedicated RLOs for internal works. Laura Unwin is the lead RLO for internal work and will update each resident on what to expect prior to work commencing.
  • The Mitie site office operates an open door policy and residents are welcome to drop in with any queries.
Residents comments:

  • Scaffolding being left open / unsecure (SS)
  • Better communication about what is going to happen in each building requested. Notices have gone up in Pitman on 4th floor referring to work on 5th floor. (JB)
  • There have been no updates for Florence Terrace (FC)
  • There is still no access to the site office for disabled residents, and no mention of how Mitie will engage with them was included in the newsletter.
  • For those residents who work Mon-Fri it is very difficult to get in touch with Mitie. (RB)
  • ST and KC assured residents they would always return calls.
  • Leaseholder comms from Lewisham Homes have been poor quality and neither useful nor relevant. A plain English explanation of what is happening is required.(SC)
  • CD explained a review of communications is underway by Lewisham Homes, although leaseholder comms are not within its scope.
  • Comms around appointments very poor. Appts often cancelled on the day they are scheduled, sometimes without even informing the resident just failing to show up. Belinda has repeatedly been told she needs another survey of the work required in her flat, as this has already been surveyed on numerous occasions it raises the question of how survey reports are stored and shared, and who is paying for multiple surveys of the same issue. (BR)
  • RG also highlighted another database integrity issue: he received a letter regarding his kitchen, but addressed to somebody else.
  • Residents also book time off work to be home for the appointments which are cancelled on the day. This is both inconvenient and represents a loss for those residents. (BR)
  • Belinda was dealt with very rudely by a Mitie customer service rep regarding cancelled appointments and repeat surveys for her window issues. The Mitie employee did not give their name.
  • ST stated that all Mitie employees should give their name, and residents should ask for it. He also requested that any further issues experienced regarding poor customer service from Mitie be fed back to him to address.
  • Florence Terrace urgently require a face to face leaseholders meeting with Lewisham Homes and Mitie to understand the plans for major works as the communications have been poor and unintelligible. (VB)
  • Estimates for work needed are very high. Who determines these? How are decisions made? (MOB)
  • Bailey Garner are the chartered surveyors engaged by Lewisham Homes to assess work required. Mitie then prices the work and produces an initial schedule. A review process of the scheduling and pricing then takes place and the final schedule is produced at the end of this. (DG)


KC to check notices in Pitman’s landings 11/03/14.PH / KC will organise a home visit for any resident not able to attend the site office who requests this.CD to facilitate SC’s and KS’s inclusion in the review of LH comms to ensure leaseholder comms are fit for purpose. 

ST to ensure customer service reps always give their name.






















CD to ensure that a leaseholders meeting takes place for Florence Terrace.

2. Kitchens and bathrooms Mitie:

  • A programme of works of kitchens and bathrooms is available for people affected.
  • Laura Unwin RLO will visit properties before work commences.
Residents comments:

  • Work on Ted’s bathroom began on 20th Feb, it is still not finished, he has had neither a bath nor shower since 27th Feb and does not know when this will change.
  • Laura will not bring round the specs, these are held by Lewisham Homes. She will bring individual drawings.
  • CD info regarding internal works on the website. More details can be made available. Information regarding what work is to be carried out and when should be available.
  • There has been a lack of decent communication around what residents should expect from the work, and therefore it is very hard for them to know that they have received what they should have. Plain English explanations are required. Lewisham Homes, Mitie, residents and leaseholders all need to understand what is planned and therefore what they should expect.(AK)
  • CD: Lewisham Homes and Mitie communicate well with one another.
  • VB: this can’t be the case as her flat is listed on the schedule of work as being 3 bed, when it is a 2 bed flat.
  • 46 Pitman: 2 weeks taken off work for scheduled kitchen fitting. Initially nobody turned up, and then single workers would attend for part of a day and carry out minor tasks piecemeal. No indication of how long completion would take or when to expect what. (AC)
  • The rolling schedule of works that Mitie run, mean they are unable to let people know when to expect their work to be done. (PH)
  • Standard for wiring do not seem to be consistent in the new kitchens and bathrooms being fitted.
  • CD: wiring should be concealed in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors being fitted in flats with no gas.
  • CD: the fitting of detectors where there is no need, is an error.
  • There is low water pressure in Omega Street, it is not good enough for a shower.(RG)
  • Bathroom must be over 30yrs old to qualify for decent homes replacement. (DG) Water pressure is very difficult to alter.
  • The government decent homes spec which Lewisham Homes are working to, does not specify showers must be present (CD).
  • Who is paying for all the surveys carried out and designs made for kitchens which are not going to be updated? (BR)
  • Bailey Garner are on a flat fee for their work and will therefore pick up these costs. (DG)
  • Questions raised around surveying flats requirement for re-wiring. SS said that in her flat an electrician walked in, looked at the fusebox then left.
  • A Lewisham Homes electrician needs to attend a TRA meeting (CD)


ST to talk to Ted and agree actions to resolve.Bailey Garner to provide a copy of the spec to BO. 
























CD to investigate individual examples of wiring not being concealed in new kitchen and bathroom work. TT’s flat to be checked for this.




















SS to speak to CD directly re. her wiring.

3. Doors Residents comments:

  • When will the dodgy locks be fixed? Residents who are Linkline registered need Linkline approved locks to allow access. (TT)
  • Ground floor properties with back doors need to have key locks to meet insurance companies’ criteria. (FC)
  • This will happen. The locks are already ordered. Linkline users will have suitable locks. Appropriate locks will be fitted in all ground floor flats. (DG)
  • Pitman House, new door fitted 2.5yrs ago, this is still ill-fitting and draughty despite numerous visits to assess the problem. (BR)
  • Fire safety doors in communal areas slam shut in the wind in Pitman House. (JB)
  • Email has gone through to LH about these doors and extractor fans. (SR)
  • Ventilation elements in Pitman House have been reviewed and are fit for purpose. (DJ)
  • 17 Florence Terrace, poorly fitted doors with gaps around them.
  • Doors have been fitted without being properly measured.







Mitie to agree actions to resolve BR’s issues with door.






Mitie to deal directly with 17 Florence Terr door.

Mitie to confirm that doors will always be measured properly from inside the property to ensure new doors fit properly.

4. External works Residents comments:

  • Balconies at Pitman House to be re-asphalted, do window boxes need to be removed for this work? (JB)
  • Window boxes may remain in situ, balconies will be accessed from scaffolding and not through flats. (PH)
  • Would it make more sense to re-asphalt the walkways in Deloraine and Heston House once the rest of the works are complete? (NW)
  • The walkways will be given a good clean at the end. (PH)
  • Heston House notices had been inaccurate: one notice detailed scaffolding work to begin on 19th Feb, this did not happen. Minor repairs to roof was also cited. (SW)
  • Mitie confirmed the mention of minor roof repairs was a mistake.
  • Drains in Heston House have been blocked by excess re-surfacing material from the walkways being brushed into them. When SW challenged the contractors about this, they denied they had swept debris into drains.
  • OH queried the repairs estimate for concrete.
  • DG explained that until scaffolding is erected and a detailed survey carried out on state of concrete, it is impossible to accurately assess what repair work will be required. Estimates are relatively high to allow for this and prevent increase in works cost.
  • Tanners Hill has costings for pigeon netting in schedule. It never previously had pigeon netting, why is there a need for this? (AC)
  • CD: happy to consult with residents about whether pigeon netting is necessary.
  • Is there any compensation offered for damage caused by workers? (AC)
  • Costs for jet-washing Deloraine and Heston Houses to be confirmed and communicated to residents.













ST apologised about the drains and promised to speak to the contractors about this. This is unacceptable.











AC to talk to an RLO directly regarding damage done and compensation.

CD to communicate jet-washing details.

3. Rubbish / clearing up Residents comments:

  • Rubbish has been thrown down by scaffolders. Bags of rubbish have been left outside 22-25 Florence Terrace. (CC)
  • Builders rubbish has been thrown down chutes and blocked them.
  • Rubbish discarded by workers has improved in the last few days. (AC)
  • Caretakers aren’t clearing up in Pitman. (RB)
  • A 5 gallon tank of highly flammable liquid was left over the weekend without a lid on in a caged area. Very high risk and dangerous. (JB)
  • Are skips an option for the rubbish? (BR)
  • CD: skips not a good option on sites like these – they can be filled by other people and pose a fire risk overnight. The system Mitie uses of regular clearance is better.
  • Equipment is left lying around which will result in wastage: who will pick up the cost for this?
  • CD: Mitie tendered a fixed price for the works and therefore they will cover cost of any wastage.
CD will pass on comment re. Pitman caretakers to head of estate services. 






6. Security Residents comments:

  • Pitman external doors wedged open. This has resulted in 3 street drinkers entering and taking up residence in the lift. (JB)
  • Mitie are aware of this and have arranged for extra keys to be issued to labourers so that this does not happen. ST encouraged residents to close external doors they find wedged open.
  • Spare scaffolding was stolen from outside Pitman House last week. This was reported to the police. (BR)
  • Ladder placed directly in front of the gate to 44 Tanners Hill obstructing access. (SC)
  • How is the scaffolding made secure and unauthorised access to higher levels prevented? (MOB)
  • Scaffolding is fitted with alarms on first level.
  • Electrical work being carried out by different contractors, but residents not informed of this, and therefore thought the lateral mains work was part of the decent homes programme. It is a security issue when residents don’t know who is doing what and when. (ID)








Mitie to arrange for the ladder to be moved ASAP.



7. AOB Residents comments:

  • 3 wks until scaffolding is due to go up on Florence Terrace. This does not allow much time for consultation with leaseholders. Will this be delayed if there are unresolved issues? (VB)
  • If there are any issues raised with the schedule of work, the erection of the scaffolding will be delayed. Mitie
  • Scaffolding is restricting shed access, also loose poles and joints left lying around.(OH)
  • Failed appointments. The need for better communications, both on and offline and the problem of incomplete work are key issues JA has been hearing about.
  • Parking is very difficult. The comms regarding this have been poor / non-existent. Mitie need to let residents know what is happening re. parking. A-frames have been restricting public roads, not just estate access.
  • In the last meeting other parking options were discussed including using the Vanguard carpark. This has not progressed. (SS)
  • Workers seen on scaffolding at Omega Terrace working at height and with no safety equipment. (CC)
  • Oil slick outside Tanners Hill. (CC)
  • Plugs not being fitted up to standard. (CC)
  • Scaffolding workers rude and disrespectful looking in on residents in at home and laughing. (JB)







Mitie to investigate the parking issues and take action to resolve.

Mitie to contact Lewisham Council re. the Vanguard carpark ASAP.


Mitie to investigate oil and lack of safety equipment.

Mitie: this is unacceptable. The scaffolders will be talked to.