6.30pm – 9pm, Monday 10th February 2014


Committee Members

Colin Connell (CC) – Treasurer, Florence Terrace Block Rep
Frances Connell (FC) – Area Panel Rep
Gillian Lewis (GL) – Secretary/Block Rep Deloraine House
Belinda Rumbold (BR) – Block Rep, Pitman House
Barry Still (BS) – Vice Chair/Block Rep Heston House
Iris Davies (ID) – Block Rep Heald St
Ted Trott (TT) – Block Rep Omega St
Vickie Yeardly (VY) – Area Panel Rep

Lewisham Homes

Faye Martin – Tenancy Officer
Maggie Sheridan – DH Rep
Alex Slattery – Heating
Ruth Warrington – RW Training Services

Tenants and Residents

Florence Terrace: Brandon Charleston, Fred and Eileen, Sue Slade
Heston House: Nuala Walsh, Ola, Marie M’Pondo
Pitman House: Annette Cordwell, Stephen Robinson, Rosaline Muirhead, Godwin Offomata
Deloraine House: Stephen Thompson
Alana Cunnungham, D. Hiscock, Lola Sanusi
other residents attended but did not sign in

Partners & Others

Jon Watts – member of Labour Party attended on behalf of cllr Vicky Foxcroft
Laura Unwin – MITIE RLO
Karen Collinson – MITIE RLO
Simon Taylor – MITIE
Terry Jones – Site Manager, MITIE


Vicky Foxcroft – Ward Councillor attending Lewisham Council meeting
Darren Johnson – Ward Councillor Chairing another meeting
Jimi Adefirenye – Ward Councillor prior engagement



Agenda Item Discussion Action Required
1. welcome, introductions, apologies BS opened the meeting, welcomed the panel and gave apologies. Suggested Agenda item 2: Pitman House Heating be brought forward as Alex Slattery had to leave at 7.30. BS apologised to Sue Slade for an incident that occurred when he was Chairing the previous TRA meeting 27 Nov 13. He stated that he had not intended to be loud, or offend Sue, she hadn’t done anything wrong, and that we could return to the subject of ‘conflict resolution’ later in the meeting.
2. Pitman House Heating AS explained that if the temperature is above10 deg, heating doesn’t come on, if 8deg, may come on for 2-3 hours. It is externally controlled by EDF, L Homes can’t change the time heating comes on/off. There is a discussion re tenants having individual control, or a time clock or L Homes controlling, or a control box in the block. The current system won’t be maintained after this winter, it is 30 yrs old and L Homes can’t give any guarantees this year. New heaters are compatible with new system.Residents pointed out that the heating goes wrong every year at least once, may not come back on for up to a week (BR has petition signed by residents), people would like it to be on during the day but there is a cost implication.MS pointed out that individual storage heaters are residents responsibility (tenants report problem to L Homes), but if heating is off in whole building, EDF is responsibleTJ: when new heaters are installed there may be a small dirty area, as the new heaters are a different size. Radiators will be off for 2 days before fuses are removed, tenants will be informed and electricians visit 2 days before work starts. Storage heaters remain hot for 24 hrs.


MS: this work is happening all over the borough, most people are dealing with it ie use gas fire.

SR: 2 years ago I had to ‘jump thru hoops’ to get a weeks heating cost refunded, when heating was switched off

7.30pm AS left the meeting

AS: changeover scheduled for summer ’14, so operational for winter 14/15. Most likely to opt for ‘tele switch’, there’ll be a resident consultation as there is an impact for L/holders 







MS will find out what the daily cost of heating is, and whether there can be a refund if extra cost incurred

2. Officer’s Reports 1. Chair’s Report – BS:announced SR’s resignation and explained he is acting Chair til AGM in March 142. Secretary’s Report – GL:

  • compiled copies of Code of Conduct (attached) for the meeting, including suggestions from residents had been added and space allowed for further suggestions
  • Introduced RW, who’s role is to monitor the next 3 meetings, and is independent of TRA and L Homes
  • attended Area Panel ‘Away Day’ on FC’s behalf, the Area Panel is going to write a new Code of Conduct with more guidance on how to resolve disputes
  • attended ‘Get Gardening’ & applied for funding for plants/seeds for raised beds and grass area on estate
  • Listed recent meetings: 28/11–DH working group (WG); 2/12-walkabout re estate cleaning; 11/12 – no82 WG; 8/1-Get Gardening; 13/1-DH walkabout; 21, 23/1, 7/2 – meetings with scaffolders; 5/2-Brockley Assembly reps meeting; 6/2-DH (Leaseholders) meeting

3. Treasurer’s Report – CC to email

3. Matters Arising From minutes of OGM 27 November:Cockroaches – FM confirmed that if if more than 6 people have cockroaches, she can report it and organise an estate survey ie if we go through her rather than pest controlResidents requested a leaflet that could be posted in Noticeboards – ‘what to do if you have cockroaches’, as it was felt that the reporting system seemed flawed. FM to provide leaflets for notice boards
4. Decent Homes  


























5. AOB

Residents reported:

  • not being given names and no’s of RLO’s
  • confusion re RLO’s ie different for different depts
  • confusion as to what is internal or external (Paul knew nothing about doors)
  • ID – no-one knew workers were coming to do L mains
  • VY – don’t want to come to a meeting to find out what’s happening, neighbours work affects me
  • SS – Pats made to measure doors have gaps both sides


  • SS – apt was made for am but they arrived pm.
  • SS – they wanted to remove loo without prior warning


  • TT – doors don’t ‘self lock’ so insurance null & void




  • Ola, no-one has turned up re doors (80 Heston), I’m travelling in April
  • 46 Pitman – no-one turned up, she booked again but told Jan fully booked, then John said she missed an apt, but she didnt, now she’s only one without door


  • BR – howling wind thru ducts in Pitman
  • SR – discrepancy re communal works listed & what was discussed/agreed with AP and Susan Wise


  • BR – agreed skirting boards to be removed as rotten & shelves to come off but painter didn’t know, so painted


  • VY – LH bill is about mgmt cost, but with multiple missed apts we need assurance that it will be put right


  • resident – left tel no many times-no one called
  • gen discussion re tel no’s
  • CC – workers throwing rubbish off Omega St balcony & leaving rubbish and screws.
  • Doors chocked open even tho asked not to
  • CC – I was told trunking was preferred method


  1. parking – when Ola had been a Parking Mgr parking regs had been suspended in streets ie when Mayor visiting, he suggested we ask Lew Homes to do the same, as scaff was making it impossible to park. Fred said that as pensioners they felt vulnerable when they had to park far away and walk home in the dark.
  2. Discussed parking scheme FC: st John’s soc would be impacted if we get CPZ
  3. Maria Mpondo has applied to buy her flat but is still a tenant, is she eligible for a new door. FC: need to email MS
  4. GL showed leaflets for Fashion Courses for Young People (LHomes)



meeting closed 9.00pm

Action:Laura to visit FC to go thro’ everythingSimon to do 20 A4s of contact no’s 

Karen will pass on to relevant person

TJ: will get Quality Control to remove


MS: similar to grd flr Flor Terr – I emailed B Garner to get back to us re changing those.


Karen to ring relevant dept

Simon to talk to team to ensure it doesn’t hap again


MS to raise with C Dawes.

BR/SR to email MS details



Simon: new system with increased staff should improve svc


TJ to take photos of carpets/appliances – preferred method is pull thru. Simon – “come to me, I’ll deal with & apologise personally




AP: GL to follow up with MS