6.30pm – 9pm, Wednesday 27th November 2013


Committee Members

Colin Connell (CC) – Treasurer
Frances Connell (FC) – Area Panel Rep
Gillian Lewis (GL) – Secretary/Block Rep Deloraine House
Belinda Rumbold (BR) – Block Rep, Pitman House
Barry Still (BS) – Vice Chair/Block Rep Heston House
Iris Davies (ID) – Block Rep Heald St
Ted Trott (TT) – Block Rep Omega St
Vickie Yeardley – Area Panel Rep

Lewisham Homes

Susan Asquith (SA)
Faye Martin – Tenancy Officer
Dave Tutt – Head of Estate Services
Ruth Hindle – Caretaker Manager

Tenants and Residents

Quincy – Heston House
Andrea – Heston House
Russell Bushell – Pitman House
Annette Cordwell – Pitman House
Sue Slade – Florence Terrace

Partners & Others


Vicky Foxcroft – Ward Councillor attending Lewisham Council meeting
Darren Johnson – Ward Councillor ditto
Jimi Adefirenye – Ward Councillor ditto
Brockley SNT – not available as this is their ‘warrant week’
Micky White – Estate Cleaning unable to attend, will attend a site visit to estate on 2 Dec
Stephen Robinson – Chair TRA prior commitment
Belinda Rumbold – had to leave early at 7.50pm, Russell and Annette also left at that time



Agenda Item Action Required
1. welcome, introductions, apologies BS opened the meeting, welcomed the panel and gave apologies. One minute silence for James ‘Jock’.
2. Matters Arising OGM 9/10/13 1. Re Apologies: re cancelled No82 pre meeting, SA stated Richard Wright attended on her behalf, also she was told that no one arrived to open the venue til 6.55pm, so the meeting wouldn’t have happened anyway. BS explained that Richard arrived late and didn’t clarify that he was there on her behalf. Also FC and BS had opened venue from 6.00pm.2. Re item 5: DT clarified ‘enforce Tenancy agreements where they are not adhered to ie dog mess 3. Item 6: DT clarified: leaflets will be issued to inform residents re caretaking ie who to contactThe minutes were agreed


GL to amend minutes and resendBR confirmed that notices had gone out re dog mess & asb team will bring in independent team to knock on doors
2.a Officers Reports 1. Chair’s Report – BS:following his brief break SR is now back to take up the role of Chair2. Secretary’s Report – GL: handed out draft of ‘News’, explained layout problems as free software was used.Stated that with increased meetings ie steering groups, it would be helpful as Secretary to reduce the no of TRA meetings per year from 7 to 4 (as in constitution)3. Treasurer’s Report – CC:
3. Vandalism in Pitman House GL: Brockley SNT confirmed incident reported, they believe they know who is responsible and are planning to work with the families to support young people in resisting criminal behaviour. FM confirmed that if no evidence or statements from witnesses then it’s not possible for Lewisham Homes to take action. BR: Gary (Estate Supervisor) believed all cameras were working but only one was. Six windows were cracked, glass is approx £50 per sheet. CC took hammer off youths DT will report back re cameras, before next TRA meeting
4. Estate Cleaning/Lumber Collection Lumber is supposed to be collected 2 x weekly, recent collections were on 17/11 and 27/11. FC reported lazy sweepers, leaves blown off squares into Florence Terr, spraying up stagnant water. CC informed residents it wasn’t caretakers job or work. Darren sent an email regarding this to Lewisham Council but reply stated that there are no funds for an enhanced service – all agreed that we understand there are time limits but the estate is not getting the service paid for. DT: a new leaflet clarifies who is responsible for what/how to complain, also LHomes do monthly phone survey on Internal cleaning, but info is coming back on estate cleaning CC and GL to meet Micky White re estate cleaning, on Mon 2 Dec.DT will bring up at monthly meeting with Lew Council 28th Nov.Darren to follow up email
5. Decent Homes Update FC is taking queries from residents. Discussed whether photo of how improvements will look, is accurate given experience with Ash Construction during past DH. Andrea reported rudeness of woman who didn’t give her name (on phone), and not trusting process. CC: MITIE people don’t always have ID. SS: why do they need to know how many adults live in a house?SA: there are strict standards of Customer Service they have to adhere to, LHomes expect those standards to cascade down from MITIE to sub contractors. If MITIE think the reins are loose they may be lax, but your TRA is very aware and you can use the Lhomes complaints system. Leaseholders don’t have to have new doors, but will have to pay their share of the retiling of rooves of Heston and Deloraine Houses. DH steering group meeting 28/11/13 SA offered to email Lewisham Homes Officer dealing with DH, but will wait til after steering group meet
6. Community Room Update SA reported that Lhomes has been trying to get 12 months rent free form Council, ie work is continuing behind the scenes. All agreed to start now on what we need to prepare such as an estate consultation, which could get more people involved and relieve the committee of some of the work. Spending funds is risky but if there are positive possibilities then we’ll have to take those risks to realise the project. Steering group meeting scheduled for Wednesday 11 December SC Meeting 11/12 – GL to contact Joe, Iris, Rosaline and StephenThompson SA to ask to hold a set of keys, maybe share with FC
7. AOB 1. cockroaches have appeared in Heston House from about 2 months ago – FM: if 6 people are affected Estate Services will fumigate, ask neighbours. It doesn’t mean people are dirty, it’s food availability.2. Date and Time of next meeting to be emailed to residents, Councillors and Officers

meeting closed 8.50pm

GL to email details of next meeting