Minutes for Tanner Hills Tenants & Residents Association (TRA)

General Meeting

Wednesday 9 October 2013


Venue 82 Tanners Hill

Present –

TRA Committee:

Barry Still (Vice Chair/Heston Hse Block Rep)

Colin Connell (Treasurer)

Frances Connell (Area Panel Rep)

Belinda Rumbold (Pitman Hse Block Rep)

Iris Davies (Heald St Block Rep)



Joe Orr – Deloraine Hse

Jhan French – Deloraine House

Stephen Thompson – Deloraine Hse

Sue Slade – Florence Terrace

M Slade –

Eileen Deverson – Florence Terrace

Fred Deverson – Florence Terrace

C Boon Oham – Heald St

Ted Trott – Omega St

Rosaline Muirhead – Pitman Hse


Lewisham Homes Officers:

Richard Wright – Community Involvement Officer

Dave Tutt – Head of Estate Services

Ruth Hindle – Estate Team Manager

Sandy Canham – Housing Matters

Saffrice Senior – Tenancy Officer


Councillors and representatives:

Cllr Vicky Foxcroft

Cllr Darren Johnson

Alicia Kennedy (Labour Councillor candidate)

Jon Watts (Labour Councillor candidate)


  1. Introductions/ApologiesGillian Lewis (Secretary/Deloraine Block Rep), Stephen Robinson (Chair), Cllr Jimi Adefiranye.  

    NOTE:-a meeting had been scheduled for 6.30pm prior to the OGM, regarding No 82 – this did not go ahead


Barry Still chaired the meeting as Stephen Robinson gave his apologies, also Frances Connell informed the meeting that she would have to leave early.

Belinda Rumbold announced she was resigning from the TRA Committee. The Chair thanked Belinda for all her hard work as Block Representative of Pitman House.

  1. Matters Arising

Ruth Hindle introduced herself to the meeting as the Estate Team Manager. This is the post that Mike Smith previously held.



It was confirmed that the first thirty minutes of each TRA meeting, from 6.30pm-7pm, would be time for residents to drop-in and raise their issues direct with estate services and Lewisham Homes, and local councillors.


Trading Standards

Action point – It was agreed the Secretary would follow-up the action point from the last meeting regarding Leanna ( talking to Trading Standards about the constant knocking at doors from the fund-raisers sellers.


Tenancy Rights regarding the use of a communal garden

Action point – Saffrice Senior offered to follow-up the action point from the last meeting about tenancy rights regarding the use of a communal garden.


The minutes (22 May) were agreed.


  1. Officers Reports

Treasurer – it was reported that there was £6041 in account 1 and £1660 in the TRA General Fund, and the only recent expenditure was a new printer and digital camera.

Vice Chair – it was reported that the Vice Chair would be the Acting Chair until November while Stephen was temporarily absent. In addition, it was reported that the Vice Chair had attended ‘Roles and Responsibilities of the Secretary’ training & the Treasurer had attended ‘R and R of the Treasurer’ training, to help them carry out their duties.

  1. Update on Venue – No 82

The Chair, Cllr Vicky Foxcroft, and Richard Wright gave an update on the progress with acquiring No 82 for use by the TRA. It was reported that:

  • Lewisham Homes had been in contact with the Council and had provisionally secured a 9 month rent free period, and were pushing for a 12 month rent free period.
  • Lewisham Homes would take responsibility for the ongoing repair work.
  • Lewisham Homes would provide furniture and equipment.
  • The Local Assembly had provided funds for refurbishment and quotes from an approved Council builder were being sought.
  • The TRA could take on No 82 for a 12 month lease only; taking full advantage of the rent free period. During this time the TRA would be responsible for bills and rates, although the TRA could apply for charitable status and then receive an 80% rate bill reduction. The TRA would then use the 12 months to establish regular sources of income to keep No 82 for a second and future years.
  • Lewisham Homes would help with training, support, and the development of a business plan for fund-raising and management of No 82

After discussion it was agreed that a steering group be set up to work through the details of progressing with acquiring No 82 and make recommendations regarding a new management committee and report back to the next TRA meeting.


It was agreed the Chair and Treasurer were to be part of the steering group. Volunteers were requested for the steering group: Sue Slade, Steve Thompson and Rosaline Muirhead put themselves forward. It was agreed the steering group would consult others on the estate, the TRA newsletter would be used to inform/consult residents about No 82.

ACTION POINT:- 1. Finish Newsletter 2. Arrange Steering Group Meeting


  1. Housing Matters

Sandy Canham reported that Lewisham Homes had conducted a survey with residents on behalf of Lewisham Council. An overview of the results was given and it was noted that residents’ top priorities were security, windows, state of communal areas, and enforcement of tenancy agreements where they are not adhered to eg non collecting of dog mess. Lewisham Homes would now write to each resident to give feedback and conduct area by area events to talk to residents about the issues raised. It was reported that it was possible to request this information in different languages.


Leaseholder issues

It was agreed that leaseholders needed greater transparency on the items in their bills, and assurances the work being charged for is being carried out.


  1. Estate Cleaning/Caretaking

The quality of work carried out by the estate sweepers needs to be addressed. The lack of blue bins, and the quality of road sweeping coupled with quality of work of estate sweepers means rubbish builds up on the estate especially around school closing times.


It was agreed, to improve scrutiny by issuing leaflets to inform residents, who to contact re caretaking/estate cleaning.

ACTION POINT:- Darren Johnson to follow up.

ACTION POINT:- Find out who to contact regarding estate cleaning – Include in Newsletter


  1. Any Other Business

It was agreed the TRA newsletter be called ‘Tanners Hill TRA Neighbourhood News’.


Meeting ended:- Approx 8.30pm