Minutes for Tanners Hill Tenants & Residents Association (TRA) AGM

Wednesday 22nd May

Venue – 82 Tanners Hill

Present –

TRA Committee :

Stephen Robinson – (Chair)

Colin Connell – (Treasurer)

Francis Connell – (Area Panel Rep)

Gillian Lewis – (Secretary/Deloraine Hse Block Rep)

Barry Still – (Vice Chair/Heston Hse Block Rep & Area Panel Rep)

Belinda Rumbold – (Pitman Hse Block Rep)

Residents :

Stephen Thompson – Delorain Hse

Iris Davis – Heald St

Miss L. Lee – Heald St

Godwin Offomita – Pitman Hse

Patsy Beian – Florence Terrace

Monica Mulenga – Florence Terrace

Trerlonich Peven – Florence Terrace

Eva Davison – Florence Terrace

Sue Slade – Florence Terrace

V. Omotoso – Deloraine Hse

Lewisham Homes :

Claire Ryan – Strategic Homes

Laura England – Strategic Homes

Leanna Monahan – Lewisham Homes

Sandy Canham – Lewisham Homes

Neighbourhood Community Safety Team :

Anti-Social Behaviour Team :

Ronald Albert

Christopher Richardson

Apologies :

Gillian Lewis, Barry Still, Darren Johnson, Jimi Adeyanfire, Russell Bushell.

Stephen Robinson Chaired the meeting.

Matters Arising :

3rd June 2013 meeting with Mitie

Officers Reports :

Treasurer – Fold up chairs were purchased from Ikea for use in TRA meetings, they are to be stored at No.82.

Chair – Still issues with the TRA bank account, apparently not properly set up on the system

Secretary – Away

Housing Matters :

Claire Ryan came to a TRA meeting before Christmas giving options with regards decent homes.

The Mayor made a decision in January 2013 to look at the remaining options. Independent resident led wanting to deliver affordable and decent homes.

Door knocking took place to find out what the residents really wanted, so far Delorain, Heston and Pitman were covered.

Tenants can still complete the survey face to face during Feb/March, to make sure they have an understanding of the options available to them. Some residents are/were reluctant to take the survey.

The surveys are being spread out to help make it manageable for everyone involved. Targeting the different age groups. It has been found that the younger people targeted were reluctant to participate in the surveys, but it has been set up so that people can feel at ease if they wish to contact SOLON instead of at the door face to face. It is both dependant and impartial.

Dog day Event :

Ronald Albert and Christopher gave a brief speech about the dog day event that has been set for 5th June 2013 on the grass at the front of Pitman Hse. Topics covered were dealing with dog on dog attacks, dog fouling, tenancy agreements and dog ownership, dogs off leads, free dog micro chipping, free neutering vouchers, obedience classes and the ability to hand out penalties and notices.

Also the dogs trust will offer weekend services for people who are unable to attend any dog day event set out for a week day.

Care-taking :

No officers present as no invite was sent out.

It was agreed at the meeting that we should start billing Lewisham Homes for any cleaning products the residents have to use to undertake any cleaning tasks. To be put to Dave Tutt.

TRA Newsletter :

One name for the newsletter was put to the vote, “Tanners Hill Tattler”

Any other business :

1) People playing tennis at the back of Heald St Flats, they are non residents or tenancy holders

Action Point – find out tenancy rights regarding the use of a communal garden

  1. Hostel – A meeting took place with the hostel manager with regards the property and its residents. A good neighbour agreement is in the process of being sorted. Lewisham Council and the ASBO team are well aware of the ongoing problems.

  2. Good Neighbour Agreement, deals with Anti-social Behaviour. Helps awareness of how to be a good tenant, neighbour, no late noise, help to keep the peace and respect other neighbours and all others involved. If breached the agreement in question can be looked at and pressure put on the landlord to take back possession of the property . Eviction. Cross Borough Housing – People from other Boroughs are still being classed as Lewisham Borough tenants. The TRA should invite the hostel residents to attend any TRA meetings to help them to feel they are part of the estate and to fit in with us. Help them to feel they are part of a community instead of outsiders.

  3. Cynthia Atherton will soon be leaving the Neighbourhood Community Safety Team and in her place will be Leona.

    Action Point – Leona will be talking with Trading Standards about the constant knocking at doors from the fund-raisers sellers.

Date & Time of the next meeting

Meeting closed at 8.20pm