TANNERS HILL TRA – General Meeting Draft Minutes

7pm – 8.30pm, Mon 26 March 2018


Committee Members

Barry Still (BS) – Chair/Block Rep Heston House

Gillian Lewis (GL) – Secretary/Block Rep Deloraine House

Naomi Groves (NG)– Vice Chair/Resident Engagement Panel Rep

Colin Connell (CC)– Treasurer/ Block Rep Florence Terrace Panel Rep

Lewisham Homes

Elaine Wright – Housing Officer

Frank Olaniran – ASB Team

Aylene Henry – Estates Area Manager

Shaun Quresha –

Tenants and Residents

Deloraine House: Flo O’mahony, Victor Omitioso, Mark Aspinall

Heston House:

Pitman House: Russ, John, Tolu Ayote, Therese unamaholo

Tanners Hill:

Florence Terrace: Frances Connell, Vicky Yeardley

Heald St: resident (name illegible)

Partners & Others

Lee (PC Hammond) Brockley SNT, Dupe (PCS, Brockley SNT)

Cllrs: John Coughlin, Sophie McGeevor

Joy Burnett Lewisam Tenants Fund (LTF)


Rod (Pitman Block Rep), Iris (Heald St), Ted Trott Omega), Sonia, Joe, Katherine, Robert R (Deloraine), Shannon Clark (Tanners Hill), Cllr Jimi Adeifirenye

Agenda Item

1. welcome, intro – ductions, apologies

BS opened the meeting, welcomed the panel and announced apologies.

Informed meeting of TRA health check with Lewisham Tenants Fund Reminded all of the Code of conduct at meetings: speaking through the Chair, listening to each other, making points without being personal etc. There is no Code of Conduct on Lewisham Homes website, but it is posted on TRA website. Copies of the Code of Conduct were available for residents to take away. Also reminder for Leaseholders to pay their share towards the cost of running the TRA £6.76 per annum from 1/4/18.

2. Agreed minutes

Minutes of previous meeting 27 November 2017 agreed

3. Matters arising


Security Gates – at the Resident Engagement Panel it was confirmed that all

gates will be removed by end 2018

Fire security deadline????

Venue: continuing problems with dates & access at Addey & Stanhope

school, meeting voted to trial meetings at the Baptist Church, New Cross Rd

GL: contact Cllr John re 2 AP’s – re CPZ letters &, LFB contact

4. Reports

Secretary’s report: scheduled meeting of 7th March had to be postponed to 26th as A&S School had changed he date of their Governors meeting. TRA Committee arranged the following estate inspections in the interim:

30 Jan – inspection with ASB Frank & Mgr

31 Jan – meeting with residents and Simon Yorke (LH), re rewire of rising mains electrics and lighting of Deloraine House

GL: Simon confirmed that Consultants weren’t used, also 1 light at Albyn Rd end of block will be moved along balcony so end flats on each floor are lit and an extra light will be installed on upper floors (nr allotment).

5 Feb – TRA committee meeting

12 Feb – TRA Health Check with Lewisham Tenants Fund (LTF)

12 Mar – inspection with Andrea

CC: Treasurers report: as of 26/3/18 we have £593 tra general account.

£339 unrestricted funds, £6041 community fund grant. Our LTF grant for 17/18 has been applied for and we are waiting for LTF payment confirmation.

We have had one leaseholder donation but more would be helpful as the TRA is funded by a levy on the rents of residents so please don’t assume its the council who pay for  the running of the TRA. The tenants levy is to increase on April 1st from 10 p a week to 13 p a week (£6.76)

CC: Resident Engagement Panel (REP) report: Andrew Potter is leaving at the end of March and a new CEO for Lew Homes will be appointed asap .

Most of lewisham homes properties are now fire compliant but this does not include the street doors, Lew Hhomes are in discussion with MITIE to resolve but it looks like frames will need to be replaced (John Cannerack).

Green services are looking for a 20% improvement in service to match a funding increase, so TRA needs to monitor for this.

5. ASB


Lee (SNT): last week a warrant was executed in Florence terrace, 1 person was charged with supplying cocaine, others were released, under investigation. We’re getting more resources to assist.

Operation Sceptre deals with knife crime – if there’s a demand we can focus on an area, with plain clothes police, cars are assigned for each shift. We’re going for closure of ‘Honey Pot’ Lewisham Way.

Brockley Ward Panel meeting every 3 months, if you want to attend, have a say on what the priorities are, how we police etc, email me:snt@met.police.uk

Russell: kids are coming to meet dealers who live on the estate, concern for safety in Pitman, knives may be involved, we called 999

John: locks have been broken on windows in stairway of Pitman

Lee: if not an emergency call 101, it’s the same call centre, calls are logged

Frank: re potential eviction of people engaged in ASB – once police have gone through their process, it becomes a civil matter

Lee: we put case forward whether criminal or civil & the Court decides, there are lots of people involved & issues, we can’t just evict

General: ASB has been going on for years, school doesn’t seem aware of kids behaviour (A&S uniform), they’re accessing Pitman by copying fobs in High St shop – is this legal? There’s no security cameras BS: liaise with school? John: I let police know

FO: I’ll contact LBL Council Enforcement team re shop, we (LH) have no powers

Lee: there are 2 SNT officers, for a large Ward, we have found people in stairs, also we pass info to other teams. Longevity of ASB increases priority

FO: I did a walkabout inspection of estate with Dennis of LBL Criminal Enforcement Team

6. Caretaking


CC report of inspection with Andrea (LH):

Flytipping in Flor Rd – we pay ? there was no action previously when fly tipper caught

Spot cleaning – Darryl is long term sick, Mohammed’s job is harder when residents smash up fly tipped stuff

Lighting – checks aren’t being done

Reporting: there are problems reporting issues, 2 out of 4 reports go unheeded, flooding in Pitman, nothing done for a month, it’s a H&S issue.

Ayleen: the bulk collection and Fly Tip Service has been given to me to raise the standard. I’m responsible for an area from Surrey Quays to Honor Oak which involves 13 TRA’s, I can’t attend all the meetings but supervisors can.

There’s a problem with people not knowing the schedule, a re-education is needed. Ayleen to email poster for Notice Boards and can put leaflets through doors.

We investigate fly tips – look through for ID, we have to pass to Local Authority to enforce, if it’s a tenant or resident we give details to Elaine Wright

Re C/T’s, we have a duty of care to both – one has had an accident tripping over rubbish he was collecting, he should be back on 7/4, if not there’ll be a new budget and we’ll get agency staff.

Andrea Scott has taken over from Andre, she’s v good and handles operational issues, I kick in if AS can’t resolve

6. Car Parking


CPZ Patrolled once a day, people are coming back to park after patrol. There’s also parking on double yellow lines, blocking of Heston box, 4/5 cars parking on Flor Terr turning point and on pavement, & blocking substation.

Painting failing or poorly done, minimal paint eg Thornhill, Albyn Rds

Roadworks: supposed to be finished on 18/12/17, no response to emails, bollards are being moved

Abandoned vehicles: white van finally gone but black Golf (no wheels) isn’t and is dangerous EW: ACE is responsible for abandoned vehicles but some have tax so can’t be removed

FC: can we ask about contract ie how many times they patrol?

Cllr Sophie: I will get more enforcement, I’m told it’ll improve, talking every day re varying patrol. Jonathan Fish (LBL) got back to us. I think we’ll have to nag and nag, non response to emails is a problem, I’m pushing enforce – ment & night time patrols.

Jonathan Fish will inspect painted lines and get Conway to fix (guarantee).

Gasworks – til May, there should be better signage, email me re signs

Cllr John: re Fines – rules have changed, Companies don’t have to ticket, can revoke, it may not be your fault. They are more flexible.


date & time of next meeting


Pitman House 1st flr flat now occupied, after being empty for 4/5 years

Cllr Sophie: empty homes report to LBL as they deal with housing list

VY: Shaftesbury is a larg Society, Enterprise Housing has a bid in

Russell: reported locked rubbish cupboards, no response from fire officer

Cllr Sophie: to chase

Flo: (new resident) works as a fundraiser in Arts, can do something on a voluntary basis – how is TRA incorporated?

BS: V good we’ll be in touch

Friendly Gardens – new group, meeting 29/4

Tidemill – community garden open sat/sun for bonfire, pond dipping etc It’s going to be developed Cllr Sophie: to provide affordable homes

Green Cllr has presented a plan that would provide the same no of homes without redeveloping garden

next meeting 7 March 2018 6.30 for 7 – 8.30pm meeting closed 8.30pm