Minutes for Tanners Hill Tenants & Residents Association (TRA) OGM
Mon 28 January 2013 6.30pm for 7-9pm
Venue –  The Drama Studio, Addey & Stanhope School	

TRA Committee:
Sue Slade-(Chair), 
Colin Connell-CC (Treasurer)
Frances Connell-FC (Area Panel Rep)
Gillian Lewis-GL (Secretary/Deloraine Hse Block Rep)
Stephen Robinson- SR (Vice Secretary)
Barry Still-BS (Vice Chair/Heston House Block & Area Panel Rep)
Belinda Rumbold-BR (Pitman House Block Rep)
Russell Bushell – Pitman House
Stephen Thompson – Deloraine House
Nuala Walsh – Heston House
Patsy Brian – Florence Terrace
Iris Davies – Heald St
E Jasquith – Omega St Square (visitor)
A Sealey – Omega St Square
Lewisham Homes (LH): 
Mike Smith - MS (Estate Manager) 
Faye Martin – (Tenant Liaison Officer)
Karen Woodcock – (Team Leader, Tenancy)
Gloria Etuk -  (Officer)
Jack Knowles – (ASB Liaison Team)
Neighbourhood Community Safety Team:
Cynthia Atherton, Tahir Kamil
Apologies: Co Vicky Foxcroft, Co Jimi Adeyanfire, Co Darren Johnson, 
Eileen & Fred (tenants) 

Sue Slade chaired the meeting

1) Introductions & Corrections to previous mins

2) Matters Arising
GL to email Lewisham Homes and TRA Committee the list of attendees from 
July 12 Decent Homes Workshop. This forms the Steering Group for the Decent 
Homes work in 2013.
GL will also email Kevin (KJ) and copy in Faye, minutes and action points from 

SS – shops still selling alcohol to street drinkers, SNT officers stood laughing & 
joking with them 
GL – we need evidence, could they be congregating there ie not drinking?

FC – markings in Florence Rd completed, gully outside no414 still blocked.  

FC to email Darren (DJ) as he had emailed to say it was cleared but it isn't 

GL to fwd FC previous emails she sent Lewisham Council re suggesting 
a site for another recycling bin, as they are now saying that there is nowhere to 
put another bin

FC – Alternative Rubbish Bin – there are alternative bins outside Howard/Magnolia 
House, Evelyn St (metal 'claw' gives limited access), could they be used for Pitman?
CC – should bins even be outside Pitman?
SR – they were moved after the fire ie so they weren't too close to the building?
CC – if they do a survey, will we lose bins? If there are too many bins we pay more.
MS – we assessed 4 were needed, we have to decide how many bins for each block

SS – door/block no's in Florence Terr?
MS – Dave Tutt (DT) said something was wrong with the signs
CC – DT said they'd be done asap, an ambulance couldn't find 35 Florence Terr
MS – I'm sure they've gone off, I'll email you to confirm

Stephen Thompson – inspection panel repaired

FC – bush at Mahoney?  MS – I sent photo to Vince B (Lew Co), asked for removal

*Errol left at 7.30pm.  Russell Bushell expressed that TRA should have a 'dry' policy

SS – i'm doing a walkabout with Gary (Estate Supervisor) and Faye, Gary is trying to 
get a cherry picker (scaff too expensive), will it get round the back of Deloraine?
BS – I brought 'gutters' up at Area Panel, they said they'd do Heston gutters but when 
they put scaff up it was unprotected so kids could climb on it and it was there for weeks.  
Inside Heston the down pipes are like a waterfall since an inspection 2 years ago

Jack Knowles (ASB Officer): before Christmas letters were sent to Pitman & Heston Houses, 
a pilot of 100 properties, to create an Estate Agreement (PLEDGE). Residents have the 
chance to scrutinise, then a voluntary agreement/contract made between LH & Residents 
on environment, nuisance, ASB.  Wouldn't negate Tenancy Agreement, breaches of that 
would be followed up.
Iris:  proof is often difficult to get, can we get help?
Russell:  if tenants are on Steering Committee, that's an improvement
Jack:  We'll work with you to try to get proof ie record noise. Over the next couple of weeks 
we'll knock on resident's doors to ask about specific issues, rubbish problems, noise etc it 
doesn't require much funding – it's our work time.  If further legal action, LH bears the cost.
Russell:  Nuisance often happens out of hours, when it's hard to get someone on the phone
Jack:  Council switchboard 24hrs for noise, could discuss out of hours cover in Steering 
Group. Once Pledge agreed between Steering Group & other partners, it could be signed 
mid/end March
SS & BR:  Young people? Pitman House Ball area was measured up last year – if people 
see improvements, there'll be a positive effect
Jack:  If it comes up in 'hearing' we'd look into it
BS:  will ASB types say 'I won't do it any more'!  SS:  what about people different languages?
Jack:  We'll prepare for that to prevent people slipping through net. 3/4 committee members 
to start 2 from Pitman, 2 from Heston
Stephen Thompson: Training for residents? ie how to bring up issues without causing offence
Jack:  all our officers are trained in negotiation.  We'll look at partnerships if necessary, I have 
a good relationship with police, we'll build on that.

3.  Decent Homes
This agenda item postponed pending KJ's attendence/action points update & 
steering group info

4.  Caretaking
FC:  why were c/ts told not to grit during snow on Friday
MS: falling snow covers grit, it's ok on roads where there's heavy traffic
Russell & SS – what about approaches to doors where there's heavy footfall.  Stairs 
& ramps?
CC:  where Florence Terr was resurfaced it was like glass.  We wanted staircases clear 
of snow, as they are open fronted snow blows in.
MS: I wasn't aware of that, we never had to salt stairs
CC: it didn't used to need doing but after the work was done it's like an ice rink, 
ramps too
SS:  we weren't aware of the c/t meeting, didn't know there were no c/ts, we looked for 
them.  Can you inform us?  Gary's looking at changing the time ie 1.30 start so the day 
doesn't end without a c/t checking if something has happened on the estate.
MS:  will let you know dates of c/t meetings
SS:   also lumber cupboards are locked from 2pm ie before meeting
MS:  he shouldn't have & meeting is usually held on the estate.  I'm surprised he held 
a meeting on that day when snowing      CC&FC:  the meeting was held at Crossfields
FC:  they came back & gritted as I emailed KJ
General comment that we're back to not knowing where c/ts are
MS:  I'll have to raise with supervisor, they will be disciplined if they leave the estate
BR:  Foyer of Pitman is clean but landings and stairs are never cleaned
MS:  should be cleaned specific days every week, some blocks it's every fortnight.  
Open walk-ways are swept periodically, enclosed walkways are swept & washed. I'll 
pick up with supervisor
SR:  we had LH get deep (mobile) cleaners in, almost a year ago.  That took 6 months 
& it's not being maintained.  Cathy mopped lifts daily, now they wait till floor is sticky
BR:  when we see Gary I point it out, otherwise it's not done 
MS:  every block has a date every week, including doors & glass, bigger blocks spread 
over 2 days. We have independent staff who inspect, I will check 
independent inspectors
BS:  take photos?  
SS: I took photos today on walkabout, a cooker has been left since December, other 
stuff has been there for 3 weeks.  Window sills dirty.
MS:  individuals should clean sills, stairs c/t job
CC:  they're going home early, doors are locked from 3.15/20.  We counted 20 lights with 
1 tube, c/ts say they don't change til 2 have gone
SS:  I have a name of a c/t who is willing to come from sydenham, he says they? are 
scruffy but he can get up to standard

SS:  today, there was a yellow hospital waste bag by Heston lift, (Heston St), Mack said 
previously there were approx 16 of them, he and Solomon put them in a bin under Pitman
CC:  if more is dumped, what's the policy?  Do you look in them? If they are cancer bags, 
could be clinical waste with slow radiation.  Who told Mack to put in a bin and put under 
MS:  I will talk to him tomorrow
Nuala & BS:  we need to phone Envionmental Health      Russell: will they come out of 

5.  Complaints Procedure
Gloria Etuk (LH) gave a 10 minute talk about a Complaints Panel involving residents but 
it was generally felt that due to DH, Area Panels & other commitments there was no 
more time to give

6.Treasurer report
Balance on TRA on account £1089.27
We are meeting 31/ 1 with Lewisham homes/council and others to discuss the way 
forward with 82 Tanners Hill as a new venue for the TRA.
The £7500 funding needs to be allocated by the end of Feb but we are applying for an 
extension. The £5140 that is also for the hub is still on account.
Jubilee fund still outstanding with receipts, the responsible officer has been informed. 
I am waiting for this information to send accounts to be audited.

7.  AOB
Cynthia (NCST):  any news re No82?
SS:  no82 looking to leave in Spring, I said they are welcome to use space (at a price 
on our terms)

Also in Florence Terr, a gentleman in his 80s was robbed by 4 youths, they took his 
pension (after he'd paid his rent), youngsters did a house to house & collected £100.  
There was a female in front of him and 3 men behind.  He was probably followed.  
We had a good description, they're known to police, they have 2 names already.  
They frequent Rachel Macmillan park.  They were sleeping off Church St & involved 
in robberies down Warwickshire Path.  The Pensioner is getting out, young people 
are ready to support/escort

CC:  back to drinking on the street, Council are not enforcing no drinking zone
BS:  John Biddle at the Brockley Assembly said they are trying to be high profile
SS:  I've noticed SNT driving not walking. 6th Feb SNT are doing a street surgery at 
Florence Terr 

Today is SNT leave day, so not at TRA meeting

EGM to focus on DH Steering Group to be arranged in March before AGM 
at end of March

meeting finished 8.50pm