The Tanners Hill Tenants Residents Association is run by voluntary Tenants and Leaseholders in order to try and improve the quality of life on the Tanners Hill Estate.  It also provides a way for us to engage and liase with Lewisham Homes and Lewisham Council in order to provide the quality of service that is required of them, and to voice our concerns if they do not live up to this requirement.

It also provides a means for us to apply for funding for projects in order to improve our estate.  For example, since Lewisham Homes sold our Meeting Hall in Pearsons Avenue  to the Addey and Stanhope School, it has been much more difficult to hold regular TRA Meetings.  We spent a lot of time and effort working on a project to adapt and use Number 82 Tanners Hill  as a meeting space, which would have acted as a central hub, and enabling us to set up regular drop-ins, organise youth activities, run a creche, an after-school club, a gardening group, etc etc.  However, after we were given the go-ahead, it was made financially untenable for us to do so, and since then, many other residents associations have folded, and many community halls are under threat of closure and financial cuts.  Despite this, the Tanners Hill TRA remains committed to continue to represent the residents of our Estate!

There has always been an interesting mix of people living on the estate, making up a vibrant community.  Its roots lie in ‘The Heston Estate’, now Heston House; which was built before the war, and at the time considered to be luxury flats, with laundry rooms in the basement (now derelict….  WHY?!).  Deloraine House followed after the war, built on the site of a sewing machine factory (without Lifts!  Maybe post-war austerity?!).

The Estate has now grown to include  homes in Florence Terrace, Omega St, Heston St, Heald St, Pitman House and the big row of flats near the bottom of Tanners Hill.  It’s occupants include Families with Babies, Teenagers, Students, Elderly People;  and many Nationalities and Cultures are represented.  There has been a big increase in property development in the surrounding areas, but many of our residents feel that our estate is being neglected.  Many residents are also not happy with the results of the long over-running “Decent Homes” Project, or the quality of some of the repairs carried out, or the level of anti-social behaviour, for example, but feel that they are powerless, and unable to do anything about it on their own.

This is why our Residents Association (TRA) is so important.  We can make a big difference to the quality of life for all the residents of our Estate, from the youngest to the eldest –  by getting to know our neighbours, and combining our efforts to make sure improvements are made. The more people there are at TRA meetings, and the more people that contribute, the more likely it will be that our issues will be dealt with.

We all benefit from cleaner and safer streets, and a sense of community, and we can all contribute;  by putting those bags of rubbish or those chicken bones in the bin rather than dropping them on the floor (which encourages rats and cockroaches, and further rubbish), or reminding our children not to drop litter, or by saying Hello to our neighbour on the stairs to encourage a friendlier atmosphere.  Sometimes, a little bit of effort goes a long way!

This Blog has been a continual ‘work in progress’, and we are working on a new updated web site in order to adapt to the new circumstances caused by the Covid pandemic, which do not allow us to have meetings in public.  We hope to include a bulletin board for residents to keep in touch and a linked instagram page for residents’ photos, along with more regular posts, and links to useful sites and resources.

However, a web site is only as good as the information that is posted, so so if you have any ideas or material  that you think would be of interest to other Tanners Hill residents, or to Deptford residents in general, please get in touch.  We look forward to hearing from you…

You can contact us at…

admin at  tannershilltra dot org

…or alternatively click the word comment below.


 Tanners Hill Residents Association Committee:-

Chair:-                   Barry Still

Vice Chair:-          Naomi Groves

Treasurer:-           Colin Connor

Secretary:-            Gillian Lewis

Block Reps:-

Deloraine House:-  Gillian Lewis

Florence Terrace:-  Colin Connor

Heald Street:-         Shannon Clarke

Heston House:-      Barry Still, Nuala Walsh, Laura Burman

Omega Street:-      Ted Trott

Pitman House:-      Volunteer required

Tanners Hill:-         Shannon Clarke


Area Panel Reps:-     Colin Connor,

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