Tanners Hill Tenants, Residents Association (TRA)

Annual General Meeting – Minutes

Thursday 21 October 2021 7-8.15pm


Officers: Joy Burnett – Lewisham Tenants Fund (LTF), Felix Olujumu – Lewisham Homes (LH) temporary Tenancy Officer

TRA Committee:

Barry Still, tenant – Chair and Heston Block Rep

Colin Connell, tenant – Treasurer and Florence Terr, Omega St and Heald St Rep

Naomi Groves, leaseholder – Vice Chair

Gillian Lewis, leaseholder – Secretary and Deloraine Block Rep

Vicky Yeardley, leaseholder and Florence Terr Block Rep

Nuala Walsh, leaseholder and Heston Block Rep


Florence Terr – Frances Connell, tenant, Phil and Amy Heron

Heston – Paula Black, tenant, Jake, tenant, Ruth Pilston and Jack Clarke, leaseholders

Deloraine – Joe Orr, Louis Stevens, Robert Ridyard, leaseholders, Martyna, private tenant

Tanners Hill – Karen and Riah Johnson

Welcome and Apologies:

Gloria Biggs (LTF), Cllrs Stephen, Sophie and (belatedly) Jimi, Ken (Tanners Hill), Ted Trott (Omega St), Michael and Creg (Deloraine House), Lucy (Heston House)

Agreed Minutes of previous AGM of 11 July 2019 – no matters arising

TRA Officers Reports

Chairs Report

There’s been a long break since our AGM on 11/7/19, and the TRA meeting of 27/2/20 just before Lockdown, but although unable to hold meetings, we have been active:

COMMITTEE MEETINGS – we continued to hold meetings, the first being on 18/3/20, the day after Lockdown, to discuss how we could support residents. From this we posted Notices outlining available help and advice, with links or contact details. We also informed residents that we would be leafleting details of their Block Rep, we are known on the estate, to Cllrs and LH Officers, whereas the Mutual Aid Groups leaflets were from people that didn’t necessarily live in the area, we were concerned that vulnerable or reclusive residents felt that it was safe to contact us. We were able to do shopping, GP/Chemist visits, or support in other ways required by residents who got in touch.

Committee meetings were held in person in Heston Garden or by Zoom. As time went on, we carried out outdoor estate inspections with LH Officers observing social distancing.

TRA CHAIRS MEETINGS – 26/11/20, 25/2/21, 20/5/21, 2/9/21, on Zoom (new initiative from LH). These replaced the Residents Engagement Panel (REP) where previously there were 2 REP reps from each TRA attending 3 meetings a year at the Town Hall, they were well attended.

The Chairs meetings are independently Chaired by Jane who also has pre-meeting agenda setting meetings. Cllrs are not invited (as previously), which we raised as an issue with LH. I was phoned to give feedback about the meetings as few were attending, only 3 TRAs at a recent meeting.

DROP-IN – on Pitman Green in June 21. A small number attended but we made new connections: Subo from Florence Rd Residents Association, and also several newcomers to the estate who subsequently volunteer in Heston Garden. Some familiar faces also dropped in.

GARDENING – we had received a letter from LH at the start of Lockdown advising that communal spaces were closed until further notice, but once gardening was a permitted activity, the Heston Nature Garden Group put a Notice on the Gate inviting residents to try their hand at simple tasks. 12 volunteers regularly worked in the garden which is big enough to safely distance.

MURALS – we liaised with Artmongers regarding the design and siting of 2 murals that were proposed on the estate. After canvassing residents only one was completed, in Heald St opposite Florence Terr. This mural was a project with the students of Addey and Stanhope school.

OBJECTIONS – we objected to several proposals we believed would be detrimental to the estate

  • with some success to an application for Planning Permission to add an extension to yet another house in Florence Terr which would have increased occupancy ie in small cramped spaces, plus increase the transient population and reduce a sense of community

  • successfully objected to proposed ward boundaries that would have split the estate in 2

  • with some success to the traffic policies introduced to discourage car use, resulting in an unprecedented increase in traffic in Tanners Hill, Heald St and Albyn Rd, which were gridlocked as so many other routes were blocked further along the A2 in Lee Green and Greenwich

NCIL – replaced the old Section 106 ie funding by Companies involved in development or projects in the borough. Applications have been made to improve ‘Pitman Green’ and ‘Florence Green’.

CYCLE RACKS – we inspected the estate with Cllr Penfold looking at spaces for cycle racks, Heston basement was identified as a possibility, we were told funding was available. We will follow up.

VENUE – no space on the estate is both accessible or big enough, but Cllr Penfold liaised with LH Dir Housing John Kanerek/Cllr Paul Bell to allow the use of a storage space in Deloraine House.

DECENT HOMES (DH) – James Shaw (JS) LH Dir of Property Svcs, and Cllr Bell had attended our previous AGM (7/19), informing the meeting of the restructuring of “all teams”, the removal of Bailey Garner as a Consultant and the Stock Condition Survey that was underway. Cllr Bell explained that the legal settlement between LH and MITIE includes non disclosure so he couldn’t talk about it. JS suggested we form groups of leaseholders for each block/st. After finally receiving itemised Bills on 5/8/19 for works from 2014-16, we held a meeting on 26/9/19 to do that. Leaseholders sent written objections to the Bills to the First Tier Tribunal (FTT) 20/8/21, a pre-hearing Review is set for 9/11/21.

ONGOING PROBLEMS/REPAIRS – 2 severe floods (basement Heston, back garden Deloraine). The TRA sent a formal complaint re the Deloraine Flood which after many months is resolved.

Damp and mould problems were reported across the estate, some of which only occurred after the Decent Homes work. This was going to be investigated by the Scrutiny Panel (SP), but has now been put on hold, and suggestion made that the SP feeds their results into the current investigations now taking place by LH, but I am not the only one concerned that the reporting of these problems will be ‘managed’ and not be independently monitored – as happened during the DH work.

We invited Cllr Stephen Penfold to an inspection to highlight these issues on the estate

ASB – ongoing, in fact it has increased since lockdown, this was a recent TRA Chairs Meeting item.

The continuous ASB on the stairs of Tanners Hill maisonettes hasn’t been resolved in spite of reporting continuously, but LH, the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) and the Police redirect complaints each to the other. After a resident attended MP’s Surgery, LH/Police actually responded, it seems it’s possible to invoke a ‘Closure Order’ ie illegal activity means they can move on or arrest. In spite of a diary being kept of the nightly ASB, they want more evidence. There was even a fire started in a back garden!

Re the necessary improvement to the Tanners Hill security gates (which currently people put their hand through, or climb over), if LH surveys, leaseholders could say it’s too expensive. Cllr Penfold suggested NCIL funding – is it our responsibility to apply for funding for something that important?

Many thanks to all the Committee members and residents who have worked together to make this challenging period spanning over 2 years, so productive and positive.

Treasurer’s Report:

A small amount was voted by the TRA to be used for re-wilding the green at the end of Florence Terrace. We need to open a new bank account at Nat West that requires 2 signatories.

Summary of account:

Current balance £9, 116.46

of which unrestricted funds £6, 883.00

LTF Grant, general fund £2, 300.00

This has accumulated due to Lockdown – we’re not rich!

Secretary’s Report:


Meetings, Inspections and other actions:





6/1 – ACTION return of Caretaker Keith following TRA formal complaint to Lhomes

13/1 – ACTION urgent email to Senior Mgrs and Cllrs re Deloraine flood

29/1 – COMMITTEE MEETING – mins attached

30/1- ESTATE INSPECTION with Chris Hazle (Works Super) re long-term ongoing Repairs

8/2 – ACTION doorstep survey (3rd visit) of Pitman Residents wishes re Outdoor Leisure Improvements for funding application

11/2 – MEETING TRA Rep attended Brockley Assembly

11/2 – ACTION objection via online survey to proposed Ward Boundary changes that will split Tanners Hill Estate into 2 different Wards

11/2 – ACTION Boiler replacement FOI request

12/2 – ACTION Funding application for Outdoor Leisure Improvements

19/2 – ACTION Deloraine Store Room for TRA equipment approved pending Asbestos survey

27/2 – TRA GENERAL MEETING at Zion Chapel

2/3 – ACTION Tanners Hill Maisonettes Gate survey



19/3 – ESTATE INSPECTION with James Dutch (3rd apt)

20/3 – ACTION ‘SUPPORTING RESIDENTS’ Notices created/posted throughout Estate and online. Adapted Mutual Aid leaflets & posted through doors attached

20/3 – ACTION Tanners Hill maisonettes whatsapp group formed

April/May- ACTION shopping, GP visits, letter posting etc by Block Reps for residents

1/7 – MEETING with Artmongers re murals on Estate

6/7 – ACTION survey of Tanners Hill Maisonettes re 2nd Mural

27/7 – COMMITTEE MEETING in Heston Garden

16/8 – ACTION re unresolved Deloraine Flood

24/8 – ESTATE INSPECTION with Jade, Tenancy Officer, having previously emailed template of longstanding unresolved Repairs

4/9 – ACTION Fix My Street report re removal of 2 abandoned motorbikes in Florence Terr

10/9 – ACTION objection to LBL and letter to Cllrs re Planning permission for Hostel Flor Terr

21/9 – ACTION TRA email to Cllrs re unprecedented gridlock and pollution on Tanners Hill

24/9 – ACTION liaised with production Company of Pop video, gained donation for TRA

8/10 – ACTION TRA objection to extension of license for Standard Hostel

26/10 – ACTION re scaffolding ‘stored’ at 52 Tanners Hill for over 8 months, no work done

4/11 – ESTATE INSPECTION with Richard Ashworth re sweeping and clearing Drains

19/11 – COMMITTEE MEETING re demise of REP and issues for Chairs meeting

25/11 –ESTATE INSPECTION with Carol Taylor, caretaking Mgr

26/11 – MEETING TRA Chairs with Lhomes


27/11- MEETING Keep Britain Tidy/flytipping Laura tried to join but link didn’t work

16/12 – INSPECTION by TRA of long-term unresolved damp and mould 79/80 Heston

17/12 – MEETING with Lhomes re rent setting

21/12 – ACTION pre xmas end year/Tier 4 ‘We’re Still Here’ Notice posted on Estate/website

23/12 – ACTION formal complaint from TRA re 79/80 Heston

Also numerous emails regarding persistent problems: ASB and homelessness in Tanners Hill Maisonettes; fly tipping; damp and mould in homes and communal areas; fire risk of hoarding Heald St; inadequate garden maintenance of Heald St by Green services; erratic service re bulk waste collections; traffic light phasing; failing Decent Homes works: proposed contracts with Companies for future works; problems with communal lighting; chasing responses from LHomes; to name a few.


5&6/1- ESTATE INSPECTION with works Supervisor Chris Hazel inc flood Heston basement

7/1 – MEETING with Housing Quality Network

19/1 – INSPECTION with works Supervisor Zeba Campbell re damp/26 Heston

19/1 – MEETING launch of London Tenants Federation manifesto

29/1 – MEETING (ZOOM) with Cllr Stephen Penfold re problems on Estate

30/1 – ESTATE INSPECTION with Cllr Penfold main focus flooding, damp, repairs







12/6 – DROP IN – meet the TRA on Pitman Green


20/8 – FTT SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE residents sent in groups ie for each block or Street


Election Of Officers – Chaired by Felix Olujumu LH

Barry informed meeting that information about the roles and responsibilities of Officers could be found on the TRA website, he confirmed that the current TRA had been operating for over 10 years.

The committee stood down and the following were elected:

Chair Barry Still

Vice Chair Naomi Groves

Treasurer Colin Connell

Secretary Gillian Lewis

Block Reps:

Tanners Hill Naomi Groves and Karen Johnson

Florence Terrace Colin Connell and Vicky Yeardley

Omega St Colin Connell

Heston House Barry Still, Nuala Walsh and Ruth

Deloraine House Gillian Lewis

Pitman House no resident attended

Colin: grants for childcare are available if that’s an issue preventing some attending?


  • Fly Tipping – Colin: continuously emailing re Fly Tipping, suggest it’s on the agenda for the next meeting but we need to email the Council. Caretakers report it but as with eg Pitman lights needing repair they reported 5 times.

    Nuala – needs to be reported in writing whenever we see it – log on to their system

    Vickie – we could get a speaker to reinvigorate the issue of Fly Tipping ie make a concerted effort, ask Martin Ryan to attend?

  • Network Rail Works – Pauline: I’m on third floor, don’t tend to notice during the day but at night there are tremors, maybe the work they are doing for Bakerloo line extension?

    Barry: there are Network Rail updates online

Barry thanked Mandy and Max of The Zion Chapel (Baptist Church) for hosting Tanners Hill TRA meetings in such a welcoming and pleasant way – the meeting room is bright, cheerful and warm!

Meeting ended 8.30pm