Dear Residents…

You may have already seen the notices we have posted on the Estate offering support and information, and we would like to say Thank You to the residents who have been in contact with us to offer their support in response to the preparations for the expected increase in the spread of the coronavirus.

This is when our Residents Association can be a valuable asset to our community. It is more important than ever to look out for our neighbours, especially those who are more vulnerable, and to co-ordinate our efforts to reduce the harm to ALL OF US from the virus over the coming months.

It is helpful to have a neighbour to provide support rather than a complete stranger, so we will do our best to provide information that is local to our Estate, and help co-ordinate support on a block by block basis, so you can be assured that the volunteers are all residents on the Estate, and are known to the Residents Association.

If you need of further advice or would like to offer your help, or have a question or a comment, you can:

Email us at:

Post a comment on the web site:

Call us on: 07999 269382