We held our first ‘Drop-In’ on Pitman Green today (Saturday 12 June 12-2pm)

We welcomed residents, some familiar faces and others who haven’t been to meetings before, under the shade of the Chestnut Trees. We also welcomed a new family who have just moved into Deloraine House, and said goodbye to another resident, who just a few years ago, did a lot of work to get some bike racks installed on the estate.


Residents on grass area outside Pitman House


Unexpectedly, we were visited by Subo, a homeowner in Florence Road, who is setting up a Community Group to address their concerns and improve their street. So far they’ve managed to get Lewisham Council to agree to install ‘Max Weight’ signs on the railway bridge and monitor the vehicles driving over the bridge, as well as getting permission from Network Rail to paint the bridge.

Subo was interested to explore joint fundraising to improve outdoor facilities both for the estate and Florence Rd.


residents on the green


Did you know that the grass area that runs along Florence Rd from Heald St, is actually part of our estate? Currently it is used for fly tipping, and as a dog toilet, but maybe something as simple as a hedge border around the area could help to discourage these problems and create a space that’s good for people and wildlife, and will benefit the residents who live around it.


Sitting on the green


The residents who attended the meeting thought it would be a good idea to try out monthly ‘Drop-Ins’, either on a Saturday or weekday early evening eg the first Tuesday of each month. Several residents said it was really nice to be able to meet other residents like this rather than on online meetings
because it was less formal, and many people are having to work online for long hours, a trend which looks set to continue.

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