Image of Waldron Health Centre

Volunteers for Marshalling work at Waldron Health Centre – Covid 19 Vaccine roll-out

We are all impressed with how our local services have managed to vaccinate so many in such a short space of time.  This achievement also depends on the work of volunteers to help with the non medical side of the programme so that nurses, doctors and professional administrators are free to do the specialised work required of them.

Waldron Health Centre needs your help if you have free time (mornings. afternoons or full days) to assist with marshalling/directing people coming for vaccines.

If you can help, contact Katherine Curell at at the Waldron Health Centre. Your help will be much appreciated by the health centre and your community.

Access to vaccines for all:

UK organisations and health campaigners s are launching campaigns to ensure that all  – including migrants, refugees, undocumented people – have access to vaccines. For more info, visit the excellent Save Lewisham Hospital website.