Have you bought or are you trying to sell a property on the Tanners Hill Estate?


Please be aware that the Bills charging Leaseholders for the Decent Homes Major Works that took place on the estate between 2013 – 2016, are still being disputed by many leaseholders in almost every block and street on the estate.

As a result of challenges by Leaseholders to the original Bills, and following a legal dispute between Lewisham Homes and the Main Contractor MITIE, the Bills have already been drastically reduced to roughly 25 percent of the original estimate, although the reduction varies from block to block.

Alongside a number of other Tenants/Residents Associations, Tanners Hill TRA are working hard to contest much of the remaining charges on the grounds that some of the work should never have been done, or was done to a poor standard.

The TRA has secured a commitment from Lewisham Homes to fund a First Tier Tribunal – this means that whatever the outcome, costs will be paid by Lewisham Homes.

It is therefore important not to pay the Major Works Bills until this process is completed, the dispute is settled and a Final Bill is issued. If any challenge is upheld by the Tribunal, the reduction will be applied to all leaseholders regardless of whether you have sent a challenge or not – in the worst case the bills will remain the same.

The TRA is concerned that leaseholders are paying the Decent Homes Major Works Bills, either because they are being pressured by their Solicitor when buying or selling a property, or because they have no idea that the Bills are in dispute and confusingly the current total of charges have been added to the annual Service charge account sent to all leaseholders at the start of the financial year each April, which is misleading as the Bills are yet to be finalised.

If you would like more information or are interested in joining the leaseholder group for your block or street, please contact:


07999 269382