Lewisham Boundaries

On 30 June 2020, The Local Government Boundary Commission for England published final recommendations for future electoral arrangements in Lewisham.

” We are responsible for conducting reviews of local authority electoral arrangements. This is through an ‘electoral review’. We can also conduct reviews of the structure of local government, and the external boundaries of local authorities.”

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England

This affects the area that we vote in, and the Councillors that we elect to represent us on Lewisham Council. The minor boundary changes that Lewisham Councillors recommended in the consultation have not been used for the final recommendations, which now include large changes that will affect us residents of the Tanners Hill Estate.

The Estate will no longer be in the Brockley Ward, but will be in a new Deptford Ward!

This means that our Councillors will change, and we will no longer be part of the Brockley Local Assembly, and the network of local community groups in Brockley that attended it. They have been very supportive of projects on Tanners Hill, and Heston Nature Garden received funding on several occasions for Garden events.

However, Tanners Hill Estate is part of Deptford, and many local people think that Deptford’s identity has been eroded for decades, so a new Deptford Ward could be a good thing to strengthen our Deptford heritage. We may also be able to strengthen ties with community groups in Deptford, and estates who share similar ongoing problems and housing issues (eg ‘Decent Homes’!).

What are the political implications?

For more information about the current boundaries, Lewisham Council’s proposals and the new final recommendations, with a really useful (and interesting!) interactive boundary map, visit the LGBCE’s web page:

What do you think?

Is this a good thing for the Tanners Hill Estate and its residents?

You can still provide feedback on the LGBCE web site:

In order to represent residents, the Residents Association needs to know how you feel about the changes – you can provide feedback by clicking on the word ‘Comment’ below: